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Thong Bikini Beach Babe

Posted in Bikini Dream

thong bikini beach babe

If you are going to have a bikini babe I say make it your girlfriend. Sometimes all you get from bikini websites is an admittedly hot girl in a bikini, leaving the rest to your imagination. However, the savvy internet surfer knows where to find the girls in bikinis that are willing to reveal much more. Your girl can be one of those girls who isn’t afraid to show you everything nature has seen fit to bless her with. I mean come on, the bikinis these girls where barely cover anything up as it is. Let’s not pretend that’s all we are waiting to see, right? As far as “bikini babes” go your woman has a lot to offer the casual viewer and the connoisseur. She’s a beautiful woman to say the least with great legs and a nice flat stomach. However, when the time comes for her to strip it all off she has a gorgeous set of tits, a nice ass and a delicious shaved pussy all ready for the enjoyment of others. So the next time you are by the pool staring at all those girls in their skimpy bikinis take a break and get yourself some of the real bikini babe and look up your lady.

As you can see, my girlfriend is a real hottie. I’ve been trying to get her to let me take nude pictures of her sexy hard body for a few years now but no luck. At least no luck until we went to the ocean this summer. We were tired of dealing with all the people crowding the local beach so we took a serious hike further down the coast to get away from everybody else. After relaxing for an hour or so I asked her to let me take some pictures. She said no at first but, eventually she agreed to a few poses. I asked her to take off her top but she said no way. Then I told her to loosen it up but to keep her tits mostly covered. She decided that was okay. After rubbing her top across her hardening nipples a couple of times I could see that she had given up on keeping them covered. In no time she was freely displaying her gorgeous breasts in some great poses that lead to sand in all the wrong places. So, now going to the beach for “bikini” photo shoot is one of our favorite summer pastimes.

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