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Babes Oil Each Other Up

Posted in Bikini Babes

bikini babes

When I prowl the beaches looking for beach babes that are showing off their hot bodies sometimes I get extraordinarily lucky and I find a couple of girls that are at the beach to get sunned, toned and to show off their bodies. It seems like the hottest babes just get braver when they have a friend with them, and usually I can capture some amazing bodies on film.

This time I was really lucky, when I snapped a couple of pictures of these two surf cuties prowling the beach they noticed me and asked if I was a professional. Of course I told them I was, and I would be happy to get them on film. We went back to my hotel and they quickly got into the spirit of the shoot as they flashed from their skimpy bikinis and played with each other’s bodies. I hardly could believe it when they brought out the suntan oil and took off their tops, I guess they had lots of practice taking care of each other’s most sensitive places.

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