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dani daniels

If there’s one thing that gets people horny without nudity, it’s seeing pretty women in a nearly nude state. All that voluptuousness sure is tempting for just about anyone to want to see more. For cuties like Dani Daniels, temptation might as well be her second name. The video starts off about as quickly as one would ever want it to do – Dani massaging her breasts through her cheetah spot bikini top before moving it to the side and playing with her pretty, full and supple breasts for the adoring fans worldwide to see.

She then begins to massage her cute, horny ass as the bikini bottom begins to conveniently slide off. Dani is then in her birthday suit. Sitting poolside before the camera pans to her spread eagle and ready to take a really nice dildo in her horny slit. This is one incredible video that you should never miss whatsoever!

Teeny Pink Bikini

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teeny pink bikini

She has an outstanding physique, which can be clearly seen from her micro-bikini that she’s wearing. It’s Maddy O’Reilly and her pretty body in full sight with that hot pink, spotted bikini standing between you and her awesome, naked body. She quickly lets you see her perky breasts as she pops them out of her bikini top, and then shortly thereafter, the bikini bottom goes off and she’s in her birthday suit. She poses in all different forms so you can get a full, perfect view of all those sweet holes of her, as well as that outstanding ass too!

See Maddy nude HERE

Sexy Dani in pink zebra bikini

dani in striped bikini

Lots of people enjoy surfing. Lots of people also enjoy looking at gorgeous people (both men and women) who engage in surfing and keeping fit and well maintained. That’s the kind of excellent content you can find when you look up the #1 Bikini Site for porn, and that site is named Bikini Riot. With HD content on their site, Bikini Riot lets you see all sorts of excellent and gorgeous women in various states of undress with their revealing micro bikinis and even at times completely naked. What a great place to get acquainted with today!

With this photo shoot, Dani Daniels is getting nude around her pool. She’s in a pretty pink striped ensemble and slowly poses for the camera with her bikini still on. Then she slowly lets the bikini suit fall off and lets her audience and cameraman take some excellent snapshots of her sweet, natural breasts. The fun continues onward as the bikini bottom slips off, revealing her tight, sweet pussy and ass in full view. That incredible body should be admired and revered for years to come since that kind of inherent beauty isn’t found all that often.

Check her out right HERE

Busty Sophie Dee

busty sophi dee

Tanned women with huge tits and nice slits are definitely never rejected by the viewing public, especially when they’re naked and spreading their legs for the cameras. Check out Bikini Riot, especially when the pictures and videos feature a woman by the name of Sophie Dee. Her cute leopard-skin bikini top quickly comes off and she lets you see not only her sweet tits but also her cute little pussy and ass. Those gigantic breasts are definitely no eyesore to the cameras, and with her, you definitely see the quality of the site shine through! Everything about her just screams beauty!

See Sophie let everything spill out for view. CLICK HERE

Emily in Pink Bikini

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Emily pink bikini

One of the best things about the summer has got to be all the bikinis that come out on top of absolutely spectacularly hot babes. All of a sudden a bikini top is all you need when going out, as long as you have a skirt or pants, and a lot of girls have nothing but the bikini underneath their little outfits. The best part is that it doesn’t take much to convince them to show off, and let you see what’s under their little bikinis.

Emily Addison has a favorite pink leopard print bikini that she decided to show us, and we loved the way it fit so tightly to every curve of her body. The best part though is when that bikini started coming off! Emily’s curves are spectacular, and she loved teasing us with glimpses of her hot breasts and the curve of her perfect ass. She’s definitely the reason that bikinis are built to come off so easily.

Awesome gallery of Emily HERE. There is full nudity so NSFW.

Kiera and Kenney play Tennis

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kiera and kenney tennis

Some girls you know are trouble right from the start. You can just see it in their faces that they are going to cause all sorts of mischief if you let them, and they will do everything they can to push your buttons, and giggle while they do it. It’s only worse when one of those girls meets another one just like her, then they are almost a force of nature, and you might as well just let them have their way, because there’s just no stopping it. Of course, sometimes you don’t know how much trouble a pair will be, until you actually put them together.

We knew that Kiera Winters and Kenney Leigh have been trouble in the past, but damn, we just didn’t know how much they would compound each other when they put them together. What started as a little bit of a glam shoot where they would play around with their racquets quickly turned into quite the romp between these two girls and one lucky guy. We could hardly believe he could keep up with these two nymphs, but he proved that he could take all the trouble they dished out.


CLICK HERE to see them go to town on this lucky guy

Laura Lee in sheer orange bikini

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laura lee bikini

It’s a fantasy of so many different people to screw hot people on the beach. Now you can see that fantasy come true even more when you see Laura Lee in an amazing little orange bikini with Bikini Riot, a site that focuses on lots of hot women in and out of their bikinis by the poolside. It’s a treat to see all these beautiful women in their natural habitat. This is the place you can go when you need to bask in the warmth and glow of not only the sun, but all the beautiful women featured here!

When we look at this fine model, we get Laura Lee in her sweet orange bikini smiling for the camera and generally letting the audience appreciate her looks and charm. She gets even more generous when she starts to show her cute camel-toe and tight little pussy underneath it as well. The action only gets hotter when lets the bikini top dip open and show the world her outstandingly sweet breasts. All that luscious skin and more popping out is sure to make any scene even hotter. It’s truly remarkable how the scene gets even better and she takes it all off, letting her cute ass and pussy get some much needed sunshine!

See Laura with her sheer bikini and without. CLICK HERE

Hot Blonde in Bikini

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hot blonde in bikini

Summer is knocking on the door and that can only mean one thing – bikini season is here but you don’t have to go down to the beach to catch a glimpse of hot chicks in bikinis because we are bringing the hottest bikini pictures to you right now starting with this stunning girl next door in a black and brown two piece bikini that preserves her modesty but shows enough skin to get you hot under the collar. The blonde strikes a pose on the rocks in her flowery bikini before teasingly yanking the bottom down to show off her hairless bikini line. Using the ocean as her background, she turns her back to the camera flaunting her perfect ass and cheekily showing off her butt crack before jumping in the water for some fun. She smiles broadly as the cold water splashes all over her soaking her sexy bikini.

Watch her play HERE

Sexy Sunny in Turquoise Bikini

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sunny in turquoise bikini

We just adore how the sun comes out and brings out all the girls in their skimpy little bikinis. It is like flipping a switch, we see sun, and we see hot, hard-bodied women that want to show off all the work they’ve done and how hot their body can be. When you are very lucky you don’t just find a girl that wants to tease you and drive you crazy, but they really want you to sneak a peek behind that bikini and see their sexy sweet skin. We love giving them that chance, especially when we get them in front of a camera.

When we got Sunny Leone in front of the camera, in her skimpy blue bikini, we knew we had a knockout, and it wasn’t just the way the bikini matches the water. She has this amazing skin that glistens so well when covered in water, especially when the bikini started coming off and we could see the beads of water all over her sexy tanned body. Sunny has the most spectacular breasts that seem like they don’t even need the bikini for them to stay up and perky. We were obsessed with them, at least until she started flashing us glimpses of her nicely shaved pussy. She confided in us that most of the time, when she can, she doesn’t even bother with the bikini when she swims.

Definitely NOT safe for work. CLICK HERE to see Sunny naked

Hot Little Capri Anderson

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capri anderson bikini

If you like to see slender models in bikinis pictures then look no further than this stunning set of bikinis pictures featuring top model Capri Anderson. Capri’s slim young body looks absolutely amazing as she sits beneath a waterfall in nothing but the skimpiest of bikinis that barely covers her most intimate places. Not that Capri remains covered for long. With a wicked grin she pulls down her bikini top to reveal her beautiful tits and perky little nipples – just a taste of things to come!

You can see Capri Anderson’s hot bikinis pictures right now by following this link…

Carly Banks in Bikini

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carly banks bikini

Nothing accents a girls’ figure quite like a hot two-piece bikini. It’s the best way you’ll ever see for them to show off their bodies and still feel comfortable feeling nearly naked while others watch them. When in their bikini’s girls have no problems getting playful as they get wet by the beach or the pool.

Carli Banks had a spectacular tie-die outfit in her bikini pictures, and she loved the way it held onto her body even when she played around the pool. The little string bikini left almost nothing to the imagination, but it left even less when Carli started taking it off. Being in the sun and the pool made her a frisky girl, and she said she wanted to work on her all over tan even while the bikini started disappearing from her body. That bikini may have clung to her like a second skin when it was on, but it just couldn’t compare to Carli’s hot body once she took it off!

See Carly take it off HERE

Sexy Madison in Latex

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latex tubetop

Hot busty Madison in nothing but latex. Yum!

Click here to check out this Madison video!

Tropical Bikini Babe

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In the tropics, there are tons of pretty girls in skimpy bathing suits lining the beaches, but this girl really stood out. Her blonde hair and pale skin make that tiny red bikini pop, just like the bulge in my pants. I was impressed with how nice and smooth her skin was, even though she obviously had been at this beach before. I decided to go introduce myself. Her name is Niki Lee and she’s even more sexier when you are up close and listening to her talk.

I asked her if she’d be interested in doing a little photo shoot for us and she smiled and jumped at the chance. She said she’s done a shoot once before and loved it. She knew exactly how to pose to show off her hot body and her delicious curves. She took off her top without me even having to ask her. I just about fell over at the site of her sweet pink nipples that were hard enough to cut glass. Her red bikini bottom was so small I had a good idea what her pussy looked like, but when she slid it down her smooth legs, I almost creamed in my pants because her wet lips were even better than I imagined.

CLICK HERE for even hotter pics!

Celeb Bikini Babe

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I love find hot girls in bikinis and I know you do, too but isn’t it even that much better when you find a sexy celeb flaunting her bikini clad bod on the beach. And we just happened to get some hot pics of Alicia Silverstone in one of her bikini scenes from her movies. This girl is so cute. She’s like the girl next door and you all know what we want to do with the girl next door! She’s got this look of pure innocence until she smiles and wriggles her butt as she walks away knowing full well that you’re getting a hard on looking at that beautiful ass of hers. In those little bikini bottoms it looks like it just might explode!! This is one female celebrity in a bikini that we just can’t see enough of. She should be in a bikini or lingerie in at least one scene of every movie that she does. It should be in her contract!

CLICK HERE to see more hot bikini babes.

Sophie in Mesh Bikini

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sophie in bikini

These days, when you see a bikini wearing girl out on the beach, a lot of the time they are just looking for an excuse. They love when guys watch them, and want to show off as much skin as they can, while staying legal for the beach! Luckily there are suits there that let the hottest, sexiest girls do both. They get to show off their tight, hot little bodies, and if you’re lucky, ‘whoops’ you might get a glimpse of what lays underneath.

Sophie Dee goes one better with the black fishnet sling bikini she bought from Japan. This swimsuit was definitely not made with someone of Dee’s assets in mind, and it barely covers her big nipples on her bodacious tits. It’s not much better where it goes between her thighs, either, because whenever she moves wrong it shows off her shaved pussy and it is the perfect accent for her sexy ass. She doesn’t wear the suit long anyway, because she is quick to take advantage of the privacy of the pool to bring out her favorite toys and show you how she uses them.

Watch her play in the pool HERE

Micro Bikini Clad Beach Babe

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Everyone knows that hot girls are abundant on the wild world of online porn, but the hottest of all the girls are found here, in micro bikinis. These teeny tiny bikinis leave just enough room so you can imagine the color of the girl’s pointy nipples, or the size of her lips. But don’t worry, you won’t be guessing for long. These girls look just as good in a little bikini as they do out of one, and you’ll get to see them in their birthday suit soon enough.

When you are ready for the best fantasy of your life, these girls are exactly what you need, if you can handle them. They are drop-dead gorgeous. You’ll need both hands to hold these firm round tits, but that shouldn’t be a problem because that leaves your warm mouth to explore the rest of their bodies. If you are looking for the best of the best, go straight to Evelin Rain. Her shaved box is perfect for a micro bikini. But if she spreads her legs too far, it won’t even matter that she has something on because you’ll be able to see it all. She moves slow, letting you savor every inch of her body as she slips out of the bikini and gives you the show of your life.

CLICK HERE and see more of her!

Perfect Figure in Micro Bikini

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Evelin Rain has the perfect body for a micro bikini. The top barely covers her nipples, giving you the ability to see the full roundness of her delicious tits. The tiny bottoms let you know that she’s completely shaven bare down there, just like a little school girl. But, this sexy brunette is far from innocent. She’s a sex fanatic that loves to suck cock.

When it’s hot out, the first thing Evelin Rain does is grab her sexy string bikini and head to the pool. She steps into the cool water and her nipples start to throb. She pulls her bikini top aside to reveal hard nipples pointing to the sky. Her tanned body has no lines, so you know she spends a lot of time naked in the water or lounging by the beach. Just wearing this bikini makes Evelin horny. When she pulls down her bottoms, you get a scent of her sweet candy. She will go slowly so you don’t miss anything. As she reaches between her legs to spread the wetness and rub her clit, you’ll notice that you are already rubbing yourself. Go ahead and let Evelin Rain take you to your limits until you explode with pleasure.

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Tiny Micro Bikini Video

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Surfer Babe with Big Tits

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When we saw this hot chick coming out of the surf with her board under her arm and her skin glistening under the sun we knew we had to convince her to come and do a photo shoot with us. She has that kind of figure that just photographs so well. She’s not the average babe with a boyish figure that you so often find on a board. She is pure woman – and as it turns out she’s not ashamed to show off her womanly curves. In fact, when we asked her about posing for us she was eager to help us out. Of course, the need for some cash helped.

We took her to this place we’d found with a waterfall and she was quick to give us what we wanted. The camera loved her curves and she looked so sexy in the water with the waterfall in the background. Well, she was pretty into the shoot and when we suggested that she lose the bikini top she just smiled and threw it on a nearby rock. This surfer babe had a great time posing for the camera and we had a great time watching her get naked!

CLICK HERE to see more of her great shots!

Hottie In Little Blue Bikini

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As you all know, we love beach babes and we can’t resist a chick in a little bikini. We know that you are the same way and we have a fresh new face for you today. Her name is Jayden Cole. We had seen her around on the beaches a few times before but we didn’t get a chance to talk to her before this because she’s so popular and she’s always surrounded by people. We caught her going home one day though and we found out why she is so popular. She’s just genuinely nice! She was great to talk to and when we asked her if she would pose for some pics for us she was eager to help us.

We got her set up and got the cameras set up and did some great poses. She was a total natural but she swore she’d never done this before. But when she started taking off her bikini to show off her great tits we knew she was fibbing. She was more than comfortable getting naked in front of the camera and she was having a great time. She even spread her legs to show off that fine pussy for us!

CLICK HERE so you can see these fine pics for yourself!

Tiny Red Bikini

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Summer is the most awesome time of the year and places where it is summer all year round are even better for finding hot surf cuties. Like Emily Addison. She was on the beach with her boogie board and we noticed her immediately. How could any guy not notice her? She was playing around in the surf in this tiny little red bikini – we couldn’t take our eyes off of her because we were sure that itsy bitsy bikini was going to fall off at any minute. Well, it didn’t but she was eager to talk to us when she saw our cameras and we told her that we’d love to pay for her time if she’d come and do some pictures with us.

Well, this girl was more than eager to earn her money. She really got us good and worked up as the camera click away. And the longer she stayed in front of the camera, the more skin she showed. In fact, pretty soon the red bikini was laying in a wet pile beside her deck chair and Emily Addison was showing us everything including her pretty pink gash! She’s a hot babe and apparently she knew just what we were looking for!

CLICK HERE and see the best bikini pics ever!

Beach Babe is Ready to Reveal All

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We love beach babes and this sexy little number is right up our alley. She’s so hot with that blonde hair and that cute little body of hers. We found her running out of the surf after catching a killer wave and her bikini was barely on but she didn’t care – she was too thrilled about her wave. We caught up with her later in the afternoon and asked her if she’d like to pose for some photos for a little extra cash. Surfer girls always need extra cash for boards and wax and stuff like that so she jumped at the chance.

Well, this hot little blond surf babe proved to be well worth our time. Not only did she know exactly how to play up to the camera but she wasn’t hesitant about showing some skin. Well, showing all her skin, really. She started off in shorts and her bikini top but the shorts were gone pretty fast and her bikini was gone shortly after that. The girl knew just what we were looking for. I’d almost swear she’d done it before but she said she’d never done anything like this in the past. So you’ve got a fresh new face and a hot young bod to drool over now. But you gotta see the rest of the pics because they are steaming hot!

CLICK HERE to see all of her pics now!

Hottie on the Beach at Sunset

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I love the beach and I love finding hot chicks that are willing to let me take their pictures. Sometimes things get really hot and these girls just get so crazed by the camera. Like this hottie. We ran into her in the late afternoon and had a great time hanging out for ages. Finally we asked her if she’d pose for some pictures for us. She quickly agreed and even though it was kind of cool out with the sun going down and everything she still stripped off her pants and sweatshirt so that she could frolick around on the sand.

She was giving us some great picture opportunities but when she went in the water it got even hotter. Well, the water was cold but she was hot and her nipples got all hard from the night air and you could see them poking through the thin fabric of her bikini top. And I’ll tell you one thing – when we got further down the beach and there were no people around these pics got really sexy. No – not sexy. Dirty. You have got to see these pics for yourself. And yes, we did take some video, too. How could you not take a few videos when she is prancing around on the beach letting those perfect titties bounce around?

CLICK HERE and see her on the beach!

Naked Beach Bunnies at Nude Beach

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naked beach bunnies

Few people are brave enough to take it all off at the beach but not these chicks. They prefer the nude beach to a regular beach because it gives them the freedom to wonder around in all their naked glory without the restraint of clothing. Nude beaches also mean no annoying tan lines. This nude beach hidden cam captures all the unsuspecting naked beach bunnies and brings them and their spread out beavers right to your screen. The bodies vary in size and shape but that doesn’t matter as you’ll be too busy ogling the hot boob, pussy and ass parade that is on display here.

You’ll get an instant boner from watching two naked chicks sunbathing while chatting nonchalantly and you’ll love playing peeping Tom at a naked couple out swimming in the sea. The wife has an amazing rack but she is nothing compared to the much younger girls who lay out on the beach with their long legs spread as they try and get sun on every inch of their skin. Given their beautiful bodies and sexy asses, they could easily pass for models but they are just regular chicks chilling out naked at the nude beach.

See this hot secret nude beach video HERE

Found on Beach: Surf Babe

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We found this surf babe at the beach one September morning. She was trying to get the last bit of sun before the weather turned cold and she had to go back to wearing too much clothing. She was kind of sad but she was easily cheered up when we suggested a bit of a party back at our hotel room. She eagerly joined us and we were pretty glad she did when we found out what a party animal she was. And I’m not talking about drinking. She was eager to play for the camera.

In fact, just the slightest suggestion that she should get out of some her clothes got her going. She quickly slipped out of her t-shirt and shorts to show us the cute little bikini that she had on underneath. She flaunted her cute body around the room and you know what? She was happy to show us what was underneath the bathing suit (although it didn’t leave much to the imagination!). You are not going to believe the things that happened after that and I’m not even going to tell you! You are going to have to find out for yourself. And if you don’t you’re going to wonder about it for days. So just…

CLICK HERE and see it all!

Blonde in See Through White Bikini

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blonde in see through bikini

As you can see, my girlfriend is a real hottie. I’ve been trying to get her to let me take nude pictures of her sexy hard body for a few years now but no luck. At least no luck until we went to the ocean this summer. We were tired of dealing with all the people crowding the local beach so we took a serious hike further down the coast to get away from everybody else. After relaxing for an hour or so I asked her to let me take some pictures. She said no at first but, eventually she agreed to a few poses.

I asked her to take off her top but she said no way. Then I told her to loosen it up but to keep her tits mostly covered. She decided that was okay. After rubbing her top across her hardening nipples a couple of times I could see that she had given up on keeping them covered. In no time she was freely displaying her gorgeous breasts in some great poses that lead to sand in all the wrong places. So, now going to the beach for “bikini” photo shoot is one of our favorite summer pastimes.

Watch her go topless HERE

Sexy Babe Emily in a Tiny Pink Bikini

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bikini babe

If you are going to have a bikini babe I say make it Emily Addison. Sometimes all you get from bikini websites is an admittedly hot girl in a bikini, leaving the rest to your imagination. However, the savvy internet surfer knows where to find the girls in bikinis that are willing to reveal much more. Emily is one of those girls who isn’t afraid to show you everything nature has seen fit to bless her with. I mean come on, the bikinis these girls where barely cover anything up as it is.

Let’s not pretend that’s all we are waiting to see, right? As far as “bikini babes” go Emily Addison has a lot to offer the casual viewer and the connoisseur. A beautiful woman to say the least with great legs and a nice flat stomach. However, when the time comes for her to strip it all off she has a gorgeous set of tits, a nice ass and a delicious shaved pussy all ready for the enjoyment of others. So the next time you are by the pool staring at all those girls in their skimpy bikinis take a break and get yourself some of the real bikini babe and look up Emily.

See more Emily HERE

Thong Bikini Beach Babe

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thong bikini beach babe

If you are going to have a bikini babe I say make it your girlfriend. Sometimes all you get from bikini websites is an admittedly hot girl in a bikini, leaving the rest to your imagination. However, the savvy internet surfer knows where to find the girls in bikinis that are willing to reveal much more. Your girl can be one of those girls who isn’t afraid to show you everything nature has seen fit to bless her with. I mean come on, the bikinis these girls where barely cover anything up as it is. Let’s not pretend that’s all we are waiting to see, right? As far as “bikini babes” go your woman has a lot to offer the casual viewer and the connoisseur. She’s a beautiful woman to say the least with great legs and a nice flat stomach. However, when the time comes for her to strip it all off she has a gorgeous set of tits, a nice ass and a delicious shaved pussy all ready for the enjoyment of others. So the next time you are by the pool staring at all those girls in their skimpy bikinis take a break and get yourself some of the real bikini babe and look up your lady.

As you can see, my girlfriend is a real hottie. I’ve been trying to get her to let me take nude pictures of her sexy hard body for a few years now but no luck. At least no luck until we went to the ocean this summer. We were tired of dealing with all the people crowding the local beach so we took a serious hike further down the coast to get away from everybody else. After relaxing for an hour or so I asked her to let me take some pictures. She said no at first but, eventually she agreed to a few poses. I asked her to take off her top but she said no way. Then I told her to loosen it up but to keep her tits mostly covered. She decided that was okay. After rubbing her top across her hardening nipples a couple of times I could see that she had given up on keeping them covered. In no time she was freely displaying her gorgeous breasts in some great poses that lead to sand in all the wrong places. So, now going to the beach for “bikini” photo shoot is one of our favorite summer pastimes.

She goes topless HERE

Celeb Cutie Caught at the Beach

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There is nothing like a day at the beach to inspire the imagination. There are always all these cute beach babes running around in cute bikinis, laughing, jumping around, and having fun. They come in all shapes and sizes and the petite brunette with tiny tits is just as much fun to watch as the buxom blonde that is practically falling out of her bikini top. And if you’re very lucky you might run into a sexy celeb like Kaley Cuoco hanging out in a sexy bikini, too!

Kaley Cuoco loves hanging out at the beach in her downtime and she loves the sand and the surf and the sun. There’s nothing quite as relaxing to her as soaking up some rays and sipping on a cool soda while she hangs out with friends. We caught a great pic of her last week when she was so relaxed that she didn’t even notice that we had snapped the picture. And that makes for the best pics – when the subject is not posing and is just going about their business. You have to see the rest of these pics for yourself. And there are more hot celeb pics that you want to miss out on, too!

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Surfing Cost Money!

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Surfing can cost a lot of money and unless you make it to the big time and win some really big contests all of that has to come from out of pocket. Shyla Jennings was having a hard time scraping up the funds to pay for things like new surfboards, wax, and bikinis so when she was approached about doing a modeling shoot she figured it was a good opportunity. She didn’t really plan on going nude but once she got hamming it up for the camera it just seemed like the natural thing to do!

And you’ll be glad that she decided to bare it all when you see this great photo set. She is a natural in front of the camera that is for sure. The light in the afternoon sun is perfect for picking up the curve of her cute little tits and that fine ass. Now, if you can imagine that you’re likely half way to getting ready to shoot a load! Shyla Jennings still wants to be a professional surfer and she still loves the beach but she also found out that she quite likes posing for the camera. The idea of all those guys out there on the Internet drooling over her hot body really turns her on!

CLICK HERE to see this hot surfer beauty get naked!

Beach Chick Au Natural

There is nothing hotter than a sexy beach babe – especially one like Laura Lee, who was eager to show off her assets. She normally gets off by flaunting her sexy body on the beach but when she was told that she could show it off online she actually got kind of wet I think. Laura Lee loves getting attention and her tiny bikinis are evidence of that. This photo shoot just proves that beach babes like her will do anything to get lots of attention from as many guys as possible.

Laura Lee had never been in a photo shoot besides this one and especially not a nude photo shoot. She was a little awkward at first so they told her to just relax and not worry about the camera and to pretend that she was playing on the beach in front of a bunch of guys. Well, once she got into the mood everything flowed easily. She played with her hair and got wet in the pool and she looked awesome with the sun glinting off of her wet skin. And then she started letting the bikini slide off. She ran her fingers over her breasts until her nipples were hard and I swear the girl was making love to the camera.

This is one of the best photo shoots I’ve seen lately and Laura Lee is responsible for that. When you catch sight of this sexy beach babe you’re going to want more of her. She was born to be naked on camera!

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Busty Babe Strips Out of Bikini

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busty bikini babe

Since I have prowled the beaches looking for the hottest girls in the smallest bikinis I have encountered amazing amateurs, celebrities, and everything else. One thing they all have in common is that they have confidence enough in their bodies that they love the reactions from people getting glimpses of their sizzling hot bodies. Every once in a while though I get the chance to get someone that doesn’t just like showing off their bodies, they love showing everything.

I got the chance to work with Rebeca Linares through a few of my contacts. I knew she loved the beach, and I managed to catch her on one of her vacations. Lucky for me she jumped at the opportunity to get away from the main beach to my private pool. I didn’t realize how lucky until she showed me what she loves to do when she gets away from the ‘public’. Her little bikini barely held her huge tits in place, but she didn’t want it anyway, what she really wanted was the privacy to see what goes between her thighs other than her tiny string bikini.

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Shyla Jennings Is Sexy in See Through Bikini

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Shyla Jennings is the sole reason tiny bikinis where created. Not only does she look absolutely mesmerizing in her purple see-through g-string bikini but she knows how to raise temperatures by teasing with the fabric of the super tiny bikini. She decides to cool off in a pool with an inner tube on a hot afternoon but what starts off as a rather innocent swim quickly turns x-rated as she rolls the fabric of her bikini into one long string and runs it up and down her pussy using it to stimulate her clitoris and turn herself on in the process. The gorgeous sex kitten then completely abandons the micro bikini and grabs her perky tits while staring seductively into the camera. She squeezes her boobs together forming a perfect cleavage before getting on all fours in the pool and showing off the flower hidden in between her toned long legs. The stunning brunette then flips over on her back and spreads her legs so her beautiful snatch get its moment in the spotlight. She grabs her ass cheeks and gyrates on the inner tube before climbing inside it to soak up some sun rays while floating in the pool.

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Bikini Clad Beauty Masturbates

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What could be better than relaxing by the pool with sexy blonde stunner Carli Banks in her tiny blue bikini? Well, how about she casually slips her hand into her bikini briefs and starts touching her pussy? When she sees you looking she pulls aside her tiny briefs and shows you her smoothly shaved cunt lips. You notice a slither of girlie moistness glistening in the sunlight and you know she is wet for you and desperate for your fat cock. She pulls off the briefs and releases her beautiful natural tits from the tiny blue triangles of fabric that have been struggling to retain them. Then she spreads her legs wide and invites you to take a closer look at her moist pussy. But why imagine? You can see it all for yourself right now.

Just follow this link to see sexy Carli Banks getting naked by the pool just for you!

Beach Babe Hottie Caught on Camera

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beach babes

As much as I love catching hot models and famous pornstars when I prowl the beaches, there’s something so satisfying about just wandering through the sun and sand on a beautiful day and catching all the women as they indulge their hedonistic sides. When the sun is out, inhibitions go out with them, and all these hot young woman don’t think twice about revealing their bodies in the quest for the hottest, fully body tans. Heck, most of their outfits reveal them almost as much as when they are nude.

This hot young thing caught my attention as I was wondering around my favorite topless beach. The girls are absolutely shameless there, and quite a few of them flashed me just for the chance to get a couple of snaps from my camera. This particular dark-haired girl was wandering the beach and looking for a place to get a few drinks and relax, and I doubt she even knew what she was doing with her outfit. That orange top of hers just barely held onto her young and lovely tits, and the material was thin enough that I am sure her boyfriend loved the chance to admire her whenever she was nearby.

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Beach Girl Loves To Show Off Her Sexy Body By The Pool

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When I am out prowling the beaches for hot girls in bikinis and topless, sometimes I come across a real lucky gem. A few girls have no problems showing off their bodies in their cute bikinis and other girls almost make a living at it. They have no problems doing a little flash, and getting in front of the camera because they love their hot bodies.

I got really lucky when I prowled the beach and came across Nina James sunning herself and relaxing in the daylight. This penthouse pet is not shy in the least, and almost jumped at the chance to get off the public beach and into my private pool area. She’d had enough of the beach rules and wanted a chance to get out of her skimpy bikini and work on her all over tan. That I got to watch and take some pictures just happened to be a happy little side benefit! Once we got out of the public eye she picked out her favorite pool toy and started to have fun. This model’s super hot body looked fantastic glistening in the sun as she took off her tiny little bikini. Next time she said she’d be sure to come back to get some better ‘action’ shots of her sweet body.

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Hot Blonde In Pool

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Every once in a while I go to the beaches near my place, or near a friend’s place. When the weather’s nice you can usually find a hot girl or two looking for a place to sun themselves out of the way of the rest of the beach’s view. When I notice a particularly hot little bikini babe I make sure that if they really want it, I have my own private space where they can get in a bit of sunning all over.

I was lucky though as I prowled around looking for a few surf cuties to get candid snaps of though when I happened across Randy Moore. She wanted a nice place to work on her all-over tan, so I happily let her know that she could lounge by my pool, if I could have a few pictures, of course, since I was just looking for a chance to get a look at her sexy, nude body. She was more than happy to give me the chance to check out her spectacular body in her cute blue bikini, and since she wanted to make sure she had no tan lines, she didn’t have any problems with me grabbing some pics of her when she stripped out of it.

More sexy surf cuties can be found here.

Babes Oil Each Other Up

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bikini babes

When I prowl the beaches looking for beach babes that are showing off their hot bodies sometimes I get extraordinarily lucky and I find a couple of girls that are at the beach to get sunned, toned and to show off their bodies. It seems like the hottest babes just get braver when they have a friend with them, and usually I can capture some amazing bodies on film.

This time I was really lucky, when I snapped a couple of pictures of these two surf cuties prowling the beach they noticed me and asked if I was a professional. Of course I told them I was, and I would be happy to get them on film. We went back to my hotel and they quickly got into the spirit of the shoot as they flashed from their skimpy bikinis and played with each other’s bodies. I hardly could believe it when they brought out the suntan oil and took off their tops, I guess they had lots of practice taking care of each other’s most sensitive places.

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Voyeur on the Nude Beach

This photo gallery gives you a sneaky glimpse into the naked beach fun enjoyed by a couple of sexy surf cuties. These naked surf chicks were photographed with some friends after a day’s surfing. The group decided to get naked and enjoy the fresh air on their bodies as they caught the fading rays of sunlight at the end of the day. They had no idea there was a sneaky pervert peeping from an abandoned beach shack up on the rocks and taking these stunning photos.

surf cuties

Check out the complete set of photos of these naked cuties by clicking this link…

From Beach Babe to Surf Cuties

I manage to catch quite a few sexy women strolling the beaches in the sun and surf. A few of them I catch from a distance, especially when they don’t know how much of their bodies they show off. A few know I’m shooting and show off when I get them on film, and a few I just have to approach and get more pictures then a few hastily snapped pictures candidly from a distance.

bikini babe

When I saw this sexy babe I knew she had to go in front of the lens. Her black bikini showed off all of her curves and she strut like she knew how to own the beach. When I walked up and asked her if she wanted to do a private shoot so I could catch her from every angle she just asked me if I thought my lens could handle it. We found a nice, rocky part of the shore where no one would walk into the shoot and I just started taking pictures. She worked that bikini, it clung to her every curve and showed off everything. She showed that she wasn’t at all shy about her body either when she showed me what was beneath her bikini top. Next time I hope I see everything beneath her swimsuit!

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Sexy Bikini Babe Poses at a Private Beach

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bikini babe at beach

A beautiful beach, beautiful sun, beautiful lights, they all attract beautiful girls, which is where I do my best work. When I prowl the beaches getting candid photos of amazing beach babes I occasionally find someone so hot that they deserve a little private time. It’s amazing how often they are willing to jump in front of the camera given the chance.

I found this amazing blonde beauty on a topless beach, she was one of the few not going the topless route, but that didn’t stop me, she looked so incredible I just had to talk to her. Luckily I knew a private place along the beach, and she agreed right away. She looked fantastic in her little flower bikini, and when she got into it her body practically sizzled as she frolicked in the sand and sun. She loved the experience, and maybe next time she will even pose for a set without the bikini!

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Super Hot Exhibitionist Bares All


Sometimes when I am prowling the beaches looking for good candid photos I get lucky and not only get my candid photos, but find a nice exhibitionist or two that love the idea of showing up on film in a more, personal nature. When that happens who am I to say no? I get to see a hot woman up close, and get some fantastic photo sets.

This blond beauty named Briana Blair caught me snapping a few pictures of her while she frolicked on a topless beach and asked me what I was doing. When I told her, she didn’t get angry, so I talked to her a bit longer and convinced her that she would look fantastic in a formal shoot. I was glad I convinced her because she was a natural on camera. Her bronze skin looked amazing on film, and she wasn’t shy at all about showing off her amazing breasts and shaved pussy.

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Nice Ass on Topless Bikini Babe

topless beach babe

So many topless beaches are somewhat lax about bringing cameras along, especially when you are unobtrusive and don’t shove those cameras in people’s faces while they are sunbathing. I make sure that I keep my camera out of sight except when I am ready to take pictures of the hot women that take off their tops to get the best sun and work on their all over tans.

This particular topless beach was a great site to get some pictures. It had some shaded areas, and the breeze from the ocean was just the perfect accent to the sun. It was the perfect atmosphere to get some sexy pictures! This particular sunbathing beauty was zonked out to the world, and I know I was not the only one that admired her cute ass as she napped and sunbathed. I was even lucky enough to catch her when she switched over to her back; I captured a lovely set of breasts on film!

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Photographer Captures Topless Bikini Babes on Film


The best part about packed beaches is how brave everyone gets when they think they can hide behind others. When that happens a lot of hot women who wouldn’t normally go topless strip off their bikinis to get the perfect tan, or just to feel the water and wind all over their bodies. When that happens I love to go out there with my high-powered camera and get pictures of the best babes out there.

This brunette beach babe was in a crowd surrounding a game of water volleyball waiting for her turn at the net. When I saw her perfect body I couldn’t help but stop and make sure I could get a few snaps. She was smoking hot, and obviously worked very hard at making sure that she had a nice all over tan so she could look good topless. She was doing her best to ignore the guys sneaking stares at her great breasts but at least she got to the front of the audience error so she could stop them from ‘accidentally’ brushing against her. I was lucky enough that I was in the perfect position when she got to the front and got some great photos of her amazing body.

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Secret Nude Beach Photos

beach babe

There’s something really freeing about being able to go to the beach and be unself-conscious about what you are or aren’t wearing. Most ladies today are wrapped up so tight in their clothing, and so suspicious of everyone, that even taking photographs of buildings will elicit nasty looks and snide comments. But there’s something so erotic about a lady who feels comfortable with herself in public, and isn’t put off by people looking at her semi-nude form that really makes me want to be able to remember the moment for quite some time.

A lot of beaches don’t allow cameras, and keeping it dry and sand-free can be a struggle, but capturing that moment of relaxed contemplation is completely worth the hassle of figuring out how to take the photos home with you. The natural look really is the most attractive one out there, at least in my opinion.

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Beach Babes Kissing

When you get out onto the beach with a camera and little ambition, you can catch all sorts of girls doing the most interesting things. I love going out there when I know that the beach going babes often relax, let their hair, and their clothing down, especially when I prowl the topless and nude beaches in the area. I can usually catch all sorts of hot women showing off their bodies in ways that they would never even think of, even in private. When the sun hits their bodies though, the need for a little fun in the sun overrides most of their inhibitions.

I was lucky enough to catch these two cute little beach bunnies while I was walking past a lifeguard station. I don’t know if they were friends, lovers, or were just playing up for the boys, but when I caught them flashing their spectacular breasts I figured I was in for a treat. I wasn’t disappointed when they went in for the kiss and I caught it all on my little video recorder. The guy they were with must have been a happy camper too, and probably will find more excuses for them to ‘hit the beach’ in the future.

Hot and Sexy Ariana Poses for Playboy

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College girls can have the most expressive bodies. They are out looking to explore their sexuality, and are not shy about showing off everything when they are given the opportunity. This cute college student is named Ariana Leigh, she had her pictures taken when she was at the American Spirit Institute, and her lovely body really fills out her 34D-23-33 measurements.

When she got in front of the camera her inner confidence really came out. She loves her body and didn’t have any hesitation teasing a little and giving flashes of here and there of what was beneath her bra and her itsy bitsy shorts. When those came off there was no way we were disappointed, her confidence came through there as well as she showed off her spectacular figure. When she revealed that she loves to dance, it was no surprise for us, since with a body like that she would set any dance floor on fire.

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Bikini Model Poses Nude for Surf Cuties

Bikini Babe Strips

Randy Moore is modeling her hot flame bikini on the sunny day out by the pool. She always loves when she can get some private time away from the public beach, so she can try out new outfits for a few select friends. She brought out this very revealing bikini because she thought it did the best at showing off her figure, and gave her the least chance at getting tan lines. When she came out, it seemed like the bikini was barely having any effect at holding in her luscious figure.

The bikini wasn’t enough to curb all her tan lines though, so she ended up showing off exactly how she avoids them. Since she had a bit of privacy, she decided that there was no point in hiding her beautiful tits and ass, and the way she stripped them off showed that she was no stranger to sunbathing in the nude. That fiery bikini was hiding the her perfect set of breasts, and a lovely shaved pussy. She wasn’t shy about that either, as she showed us how she keeps her body tanned all over by sunbathing poolside.

Bikini Clad Teen Strips to Nothing

Everyone has fantasies of catching their cute neighbor in the shower, so this hot little number decided to fulfill that fantasy. Her sheer bikini was barely suited for a private pool, since when it got wet it clung to her cute little tits and molded perfectly to her young little pussy. It didn’t matter though, because she had no intentions of keeping it on for all that long. She wanted to show off her water-slick skin right from the beginning, and practically ripped her bikini top off to reveal her perfect breasts.

She didn’t stop there though, a proper shower means she gets wet and lathered all over, so the rest of bikini went away, but was replaced by the sweetest soapy suds. She soaped up all over her slick skin and wet pussy, to make sure that she was clean all over after her swim, of course. It wasn’t the swim though that got her wet between the thighs. When her fingers cleaned off the soap they ended rubbing against her sweet teenage pussy, and she was happy to show off how turned on she gets when she cleans off in the shower!

Sexy Hottie Struts her Stuff Down the Beach

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I love prowling the beaches in the fall and winter. You find vacationers and road-trippers that look to let their hair down, let loose, and escape the cold weather of their homes. This also means that they are quick to drop their clothes and show off their hot bodies. This makes it great for me, because I get to bring out the camera and find all sorts of hot babes in the bare minimum, out there and working on their tans and doing their best to soak up a bit of the heat.

I got pictures of this brunette hottie coming out of the water, and I just loved the look of the water as it beaded up and rolled off her skin. She was obviously not from around here, because she looked like she never felt a fall breeze on the ocean before. She also didn’t know what that breeze would do to her, and I was so glad she decided to wear a white and tight bikini, because it let me snap a few pictures of exactly how she felt after a cool dip in the light breeze. I followed her around to get a few more voyeur pictures, especially when she went to lay down and get her tan, topless. I thank my stars I live near the beach.

Sexy Topless Babes go for a Swim

Everyone likes to forget the cold and blustery winter, which is why I prowl the hottest beaches looking for the girls that escape the cold by escaping their clothes. When I walk down some of the best topless and nude beaches, I find women who love to show off their bodies for anyone willing to take a quick look and willing to take the opportunity to get a few pictures as well!

I found this pair of ocean beauties drifting along the still water just off the beach. The two were having fun swimming along and flashing the swimmers and body boarders as they went by. When they showed off their spectacular tits, they caused nearly a few accidents as people went by! They may not have even noticed that there was more than one camera on them out there on the water, but then, they may not have cared! They were definitely making sure that everyone got a good eyeful, and with bodies like theirs they were right to show off!

Sexy Brunette Poses for the Masses on the Sand

Rebecca Rayann goes to the beach when she wants to get a good all-over tan. She is not shy about showing off her sexy body when she gets to the water. She always wears the skimpiest bikinis possible to make sure she gets tanned with as few missed spots as possible. She’s also made a note of every nude beach and secluded alcove where she can take everything off to make sure she has no tan lines at all!

She led us to this great little beach where she started by showing off some of the ways that she gets her tan. When someone might come around she pops her fantastic tits right out of the top, or pulls down her bikini just enough that her shaved pussy gets the sun all over. It lets her cover up when someone comes around, and lets her show off when she wants. Sometimes though this beach hottie doesn’t get enough just by tanning, she loves to play with the surf. She doesn’t mind when a bit of water spray means that the beach sand gets all over her toned body; after all, when it happens it’s just an excuse to get completely out of that sandy bikini and really make sure that the sunlight gets all over.

Tropical Holidays!

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Well normally I spend my holidays in a cold place but this year was different. I met Tania just last week and I thought what a cute gal. She has some really nice fucking milk shakes, completely natural hottie. So here I am spending the Holidays with Tania dressed up like Mrs. Claus. I thought what better gift than watching this latina get herself all worked up. She rubbed that twat like a natural and you could tell she was enjoying every moment. Merry fucking Christmas and enjoy Part 1 of this Holiday Adventure! Click here to see more!

Lots of Skin at the Beach and I have my Camera with me!

Beautiful beaches, a camera, and me; what better way to find the best candid shots of hot women stripping down to almost nothing and basking in the sun. Whether or not they know it, they are showing off their lovely bodies and when we’re lucky we can get a few pictures of beach babes in their most revealing bathing suits. It seems like the sun brings out women’s exhibitionist sides in their quests to get an even ‘all over’ tan.

This hottie may not have been aware of us, but she was certainly aware of her reactions on other onlookers. She had no problems baring her lovely breasts on this topless beach and putting them on display. She must be really determined to make sure she had no tan lines, because she wore one of the barest thongs you can get away with in public. It barely covered her sweet pussy, and she kept her legs spread so that everyone could admire her. She wasn’t shy about admiring others either, as she checked out every cute guy and nearly naked woman that walked by her as well!

CLICK HERE for more skin

Voyeurism at the Beach!

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Sometimes it is best to hit the beach with your camera and see what you can get. When the temperature goes up on these beautiful beaches, the clothes start getting rarer, and the bikinis end up smaller. This means we end up some great candid pics of real beach cuties showing off their bodies, whether they know it or not.  All we needed is to be in the right place at the right time and you get impromptu flashing pictures, a shot of some hot babe’s ass on display, and if you’re lucky a couple or woman having a little bit of exhibitionist fun!

With the high quality cameras getting smaller and smaller it’s easier to get truly open pictures, like this brunette beauty that didn’t care about any onlookers when she made sure she was going to cut down as much as possible on tan lines. This is even better when we take our cameras onto the beaches that adjoin some of the best topless beaches; we get hot beach cuties wearing even less than this one. It’s amazing what you can capture for free when you know to be in the best places, at the right time.

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Another day in the park!

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Sometimes when I have nothing to do I visit the park near my house. Today was one of those days. After I finished my homework I went there to see if anything was happening. You know sometimes I like to tease and show my milk shakes in public. Thinking of this was making me horny so I left to go home and play! Since the park was boring I came home early and thought about how I could entertain myself. I just bought this new pink dildo so I thought I would try it out. The cool thing about this toy is it has a suction cup on the bottom so I could really feel it deep in my twat. I had so much fun on my counter top.. Wow! Click here to see more.

My little surpise for you

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This is one of my favorite sets because I think I look girly but very marvelous. Especially since my tight denim jeans clings to my body and make my ass look round and firm. My tee is sparkly but it does not stay on for long. I soon slips my shirt and pants off and reveal my matching yellow and pink lingerie. I may look shy but I feel super nice-looking and would not mind someone’s hands all over me and turning me on. Soon I slip my bra off and cover my huge coed titties with my hands. Click here to see more.

Haleigh is a little bit shy

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Haleigh Lauren
Concord, CA
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5ft 5in
Playboy’s Fresh Faces

All hail Haleigh! She’s a little bit shy and little bit crazy. Ok mostly crazy but thats why we love her. A perfect date with Haleigh would have to include dinner and a trip to the beach. Oh and guy with really nice white teeth. Haleigh likes to swim and dance along with playing golf. If the event is fun and exciting you’ll probably find Haleigh attending. Check out Haleighs members area to see more of her. Learn more about Haleigh at Playboy’s Fresh Faces

Sexy Bikini Clad Ass

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This hot sexy bikini clad ass brunette had no idea she was being captured on film. The great thing about beach voyeurism is there is no flash required so nothing to give you away if you’re discreet enough.

CLICK HERE for more beach ass

2 pic

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I’m rooftop flashing my boobies!

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I spent today on a rooftop of a building near my house. It was a very nice view of the city. On top of the roof they have a swimming pool and place to eat. I really wasn’t hungry but I was getting turned on by some beauties who were looking at me. I was thinking how nice it would be to be with them. Maybe another day! Click here to see more!

Perfect Wet T-Shirt Girl

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This girl came up from the beach and after getting a few drinks into her, showed off her assets and total inhibitions. This girl is about as close to perfect as perfect girls can get. Super hot fine and tan all over. It’s hard to believe that she is this uninhibited.

Construction Queen baring it

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I’m a beautiful little construction worker in this set and I home made my orange bikini and did not leave much to the imagination. So instead of me sweating up and getting all glamorous and bothered I felt I should make you feel that way instead. My top and bottoms were so small they barely covered my goods and the panties laid on my twat lips so consummate you could see every shape of my shaved kitty. Wait till you see what happens next. Click here to see more.

Small Breasted Spring Break Bikini Contest Girls Strip It All Off

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Check out these two perfect specimens. When it comes to little tits and beautiful bikini clad bodies, these bikini babes take the cake!. You know what I mean. Nice small breasts that are nice and firm with perfectly shaped aureoles and nipples that stand at attention. Take a look, you know what I mean..

Click HERE to see more spring break babes getting naked

In my bikini showng off

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My friend had a pool, but I did not find out when she said she had a pool, she meant one with no water! I love swimming and I was so excited so I dressed up in one of my smallest bikini and went to go jump in but to my surprise I found out there was no water in it! It made me sad but I thought it would be a nifty scene to do a shoot at. She I started to show off every curve of my body and soon started to untie my bikini top… click here to see more!

Naughty poolside beauty!

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I went back to the rooftop swimming pool to have a swim. I hate cold water and this pool was very cold but since I was in my little bikini I figured I’ll just jump in real fast and it won’t be as cold :) I jumped in feet first and it was so cold. Even my nipples were getting hard! After freezing my ass off in the swimming pool, I decided to take a glamorous shower. It felt good to go inside and get warmed up. I took advantage that I was alone and starting playing with my twat. That always makes me feel gorgeous and horny. I know I’m a horn dog! The shower was nice but the yellow toy was even better. I had my yellow submarine as I call it and I put it to use. As I sat in the bathroom with my toy I thought about how it would feel to have this deep inside me. I just love to feel a big sausage inside my slit but with no rods around it was the toys lucky day! Click here to see more!

More Sexy Asses in these Candid Beach Shots

Beach Candid Shot

At a local waterfront beach candid photos of sleeping and relaxing girls are snapped by horny old men in the sand dunes. They spy on the girls as they enjoy their days on the beach. This sexy babe with large boobs has a towel over her face to protect her identity. The last thing she wants is for somebody from her friends list on Facebook to recognize her and make disgusting comments on her message wall. Having a wank on the beach while staring at this nude girls is also a sneaky way to get your thrills. Public sex is a tricky thing and you have to be careful that the women don’t bust you and call the police.

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Sacha is a beach bunny

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Sacha Rivera
Aliso Viejo, CA
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5ft 3in
Playboy’s Fresh Faces

Sacha says she is a beach bunny who loves living in Orange County. She likes everything about being naked, and says she feels great with nothing on. Sacha likes guys who can keep up their side of a conversation with humor and intelligence. Her favorite part of her body is her flat, fit tummy. Learn more about Sacha at Playboy’s Fresh Faces

Jillian is quite sexy while skinny dipping

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Jillian McCarty
Peru, IN
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5ft 7in
Playboy’s Fresh Faces

Jillian is quite a sexy and outgoing gal. She likes guys that have confidence and a sense of humor. Jillian says her passion is nursing and helping those in need. She wants to inspire others to strive for their dreams and goals. Well we definitely feel inspired. To here more about this lovely lass listen to her interview video in the members area. Learn more about Jillian at Playboy’s Fresh Faces

Taking it off outside

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I love Betty Bop and I think you will to in this beautiful set I took in the great outdoors. I may have appeared to be wearing normal tight clothes but as soon as I stripped off the tight shirt and small black shorts I revealed that I had on a very glamorous matching bra and panties on. My panties were so sheer you could see me shaved twat through them. Plus how do you like how my round ass is fully in view? Click here to see more.

I want a kiss

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Hey there! I have two pair of lips on my body, which ones would you rather kiss? Mesh is one of my favorite things to wear just because it gives you a little peak of what I have underneath that fabric. In this case, its small little panties with a little peak hole through them. Plus my ruffled bikini top really shows off my perky titties and you get a good look at the cleavage. I soon untie my top and barely cover my milk shakes with my fingers. I wonder what else I would like to take off… Click here to see more.

Bikini Babes Getting Physical!

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bikini babes doing handstands

These sexy teens were at the beach cooling down after an afternoon in the hot sun when we pulled out the camera they couldn’t wait to show off their mad skillz! The upside down babe stayed like that for several shots! Yowza!

See more! CLICK HERE!

Getting soaking wet!

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This was such a fun shoot especially when the water was coming down and I was getting completely wet! I felt a little sub cautious because my nipples were getting hard and pressing against the fabric, but I am sure that you did not mind! This is one of my famous bikinis that I made out of just small pieces of fabric and it barely clung on to my body. Click here to see more!

Beach Candids – New Exclusive Site

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bikini gallery
bikini gallery

Real beach shots, real babes, real bikinis. Exclusive video and images.

Sexy Beach Candids

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bikini gallery

Do we really need a back story here? I was in my favorite sun spot, and this bathing beauty gave me a shot I couldn’t pass up! For more candid beach shots, check out this site I found!

Kate’s Playground Two Girls in Bikinis

Kate Playground in red bikini

Today’s hot sexy galley comes form Kate’s Playground.

Kate opend her site Kate’s Playground several years ago as a teen solo girl site.

Gallery Link: Kate Playground Gets Naughty in Red Polka Dot Bikini

I’m a Sport Star

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I am a little sports star and wore my little tight white top and little red shorts, My shirt clings to my clothes and showed off my cleavage from my perfect huge titties. I started my strip tease by pulling down my shorts of those long legs of mine and exposed that I had on tiny red panties. My firm huge ass looked fantastic and you could really see why it made me famous. Next came off my top and I was fully topless for all to see. Click here to see more.

Getting all wet in our string bikinis

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What is better then two beautiful twins laying out by the beach in tiny string bikinis, getting hit by the waves and our bodies getting soaking wet. Plus what had quite the crowd watching us as we started to slowly untie our bikini tops and gets really down and dirty in the sand. The sun was beating us hard but we for sure the nifty sea breeze cooled us off. Click here to see more.

18 Year Old Blond Babes!

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Now this is what I call a nice pool party ;) Two beautiful blonds that are 18 years old splashing around as their clothes comes off!!! What more could you possibly dream of! I’m not sure who the lucky stud is but he does get to enjoy both girls!!!

This great gallery comes from a kick ass site called 18 Years Old. These guys find attractive girls that REALLY are 18 and they pay them a little cash to get naked and fuck. The do the same thing with different girls each and every week. They have a HUGE archive of past girls and it’s well worth checking out. You can download all the videos directly to your computer and have watch them over and over!!!

If you like young attractive girls that love to fuck then do yourself a big favor and have a look around at 18 Years Old.

Jenny Poussin – New Super Sexy Bikinni Model

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Check out this brand new girl that has just started nude bikini modeling! Her name is Jenny Paussin and she is smoking hot! Jenny has blond hair and an amazing body. She has an incredible set of big round fake boobs!!

If you like blond bikini girls that are perfect 10′s then Jenny Paussin is your girl!!! She has delicious legs and a very nice ass. There are tons of hi-resolution photos and amazing HD Video of Jenny inside her personal site. I just finished watching an amazing video of this babe and the quality is simply mind blowing!!! There is nothing like seeing Jenny Paussin’s nice big rack up close and personal in an HD video!!! Stop by Jenny Poussin’s personal site now!

Topless Beach Candids

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bikini gallery

I just LOVE beach candids. There are so many sluts all over the internet that will do ANYTHING for cash that it’s totally cool to see normal girls (there are not many left). These candid beach photos are just every day hotties that are at the beach just having fun.

Some people are really into bird watching and treat it like a sport. That is how I am when I go to the beach, but I’m looking for a different type of bird! I love watching hotties at the beach, but what I don’t like is getting a sun burn, picking sand out of my clothes, and trying to find a place to park. That is why my new favorite site is Beach Candids. These guys do all the hard work. They visit great beaches around the world and lug a lot of heavy expensive camera equipment. They spend all day every day getting just the right pics. After a hard day of work I can kick back in the comfort of my air conditioned home and check out all the Beach Candids, without any of the hassle!!!

Big Round Oiled Ass at The Beach

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Oiled Round Ass

Is that a big bubbly butt or what? I wonder what lucky fucker got to put the lotion on that round ass. Well, the lucky fucker wasn’t a guy, it was another beach slut from We Live Together. This site is all about lesbian beach sluts that live together. They aren’t true lesbians, they are just slutty girls that hang out on the beach and hook up with other chicks.

I say, “Beach Sluts” cause these girls are a little subprime. They aren’t bad looking and they sure would be fun for a romp if you were horny, but hey are not innocent cuties. That period of their life has since past. If you love a nice big round ass, sluts, and girls that like to fuck other girls then check out We Live Together.

Models Next Door

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This is new site I just stumbled across. It’s fairly small but growing. It’s called Next Door Models. The girls are not big name models or porn stars – they are just normal hotties that you would see around town. I don’t know much about the owner of the site, my guess is he is just starting with photography and taking pics of models. It has to be fairly hard to get started by yourself. But the content is not bad and the girls range from decent to fairly hot. It’s cool to check out sites that have an authentic feel, in some ways it’s more erotic that the top sites.

The photag seem to be partial to bikinis and swimsuits, that is a good start!!! There is some nudity, some nice tits and some bare bottoms. I look forward to watching this site progress. Stop by Next Door Models and show your support.

Dasiy Marie (aka Daisy Dukes) at Pool Party

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This fine Latina showing off her nice tits is famous pornstar Daisy Marie. Daisy has been around the block a few times and she still looks hot. This picture of her was taken at one of the VIP Crew’s pool parties. Basically, these guys have a ton of cash and throw crazy big parties and invite all the top pornstars. Then they just wait for the debauchery to start. It would be a blast to go to one of their crazy parties. The next best thing to being there is watching the videos.

If you like Dasiy Marie’s fine tits and if you like wild crazy parties with drunk pornstars then you really should check out the VIPcrew!

Beach Candids From CandidBob

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bikini gallery

So this guy named “CandidBob” has a new site. Basically, this guy is a pro photographer and he goes to various beaches in different parts of the world. Yes, many of the beaches are topless! Anyhow, he takes a lot of pictures of every day hot girls just hanging out on the beach. These girls are not being paid and most don’t even know they are being photographed.

One of the great things about his site is the quality of the pics – these are not shitty low quality tourist type pics. These beach pics are high resolution and obviously taken with good equipment. Candid Bob also has video. You can see more at his site here.

Lela Star gets her Ass Oiled

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Lela Star

Another great gallery from the site We Live Together. It looks like Lela Star has moved in with the other girls and they are priming her up for a little girl-on-girl action. Lela Star has an amazingly tight ass and it looks great oiled up!!! It gets a lot better when her bikini bottoms get pulled down and she has her pussy licked and fingered by the other girls.

Bonus Galleries:

Three Way Girl Orgy With Strap On Fun

Three Sexy Girls Get Completely Naked and Play in the Same Bed

Selena Spice – Hot Sexy Latina

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I thought it was such a great day outside, and what better to soak up the rays in a tiny white tee and little pink shorts. Well I was worried I was going to get a weird looking tan line from my shorts so I decided to take them off and doing that exposed that I have tiny mesh panties on that showed my shaved pussy. Well next thing I thought about is that I didn’t want to have a farmers tan so I took off my shirt as well and was outside fully naked besides my little panties. Click here to see more.

And if you really like Sexy Teen Latinas you should check out Pamela Spice at my friends blog. It’s a great blog with lots of Pics of Sexy Teens.

Amanda wants to be a sex therapist

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Amanda is in school right now studying psychology. She has ambitions to be a sex therapist. Who better to administer sexy therapy than a sexy girl from Tucson! This ex model loves to be surprised with vacations, rose petals and flowers. She would cook chicken parmesan for any lucky guy who is ambitious, smart, and doesn’t smoke! The sexiest part on a guy for her would be a hairless, smooth chest and abs.Learn more about Amanda at Playboy’s Tryouts

Karla Spice to warm you up?

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It is starting to nifty off since winter is approaching so I made sure to dress really warm. One problem though…I love to strip in the cool air because it gives my body the chills, but in a good way! I had on all pink and a little tiny skirt that showed off my long legs. Under that jacket and scarf all I had on was a matching lacy bra and panties. The bra held up my big perky titties and the thong made sure to show off one of my best assets. But soon I was just left with the scarf and panties. Click here to see more.

Tracy Nova Bikini Nymph

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This Beautiful Playboy Babe has a tight body and perky natural tits. She is very athletic and works out daily and her tight sexy body shows it.

From what we here at Surfcuties have heard Tracy Nova loves sex. And we mean she LOVES to have sex. She has had sex in an airplane for instance and I would be willing to bet in an elevator too. This probably explains why she has 3 trainers to work over her amazing body. Whouldn’t you love to be one of those lucky trainers? Her favorite kind guy is the average joe type although she really likes the rocker type also. Tracy tells us tattoos and peircing on a guy are a big turn on for her. Her favorite food is sushi, crablegs and most kinds of seafood. Learn more about Tracy at Playboy’s Fresh Faces

Spice Twins Getting Naughty Outdoors

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Hey Guys and Beauties! The twins are here and we are getting naughty in the great outdoors! We didn’t know what to wear so we decided oversized white tee would be enough. But of course that hardly covered anything and we were soon left with our matching asses being exposed. Since the shirt was hardly covering us in the first place we though we might as well just take off the shirt and are lefty in just our thongs. Click here to see more.

Lovely Lynn De La Rosa

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Sexy Lynn De La Rosa is a beautiful babe with exotic looks. She has luscious brown eyes and long dark hair. She has a perfectly tight ass that looks great in a bikini. It also looks great completely naked. Lynn De La Rosa plans is to work in broadcasting as a news reporter. She has many interests including dancing, reading, writing, shopping and anything else thats fun. She may be small but she is full of energy and spunk. We think she will be successfully at what ever she chooses. To hear more about this sexy gal check out her interview in the members area. Learn more about Lynn at Playboy’s Fresh Faces

Two Babes on The Beach

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Two babes laying on the beach go home and get naked.

Hey guy, please be patient, I’m making some changes around her to spice up this blog a bit. I just want to reassure you that I am firmly committed to bringing you the hottest beach babes as they appear on the net.

These two babes just come from a great site called We Live Together. Basically, the site is a bunch of cute and horny girls that all all share a beach house. Other than laying around in the sun all day, they have a lot of adventures which usually end up with them all getting naked and having sex with each other – yes, three girls all having sex together. No, they aren’t lesbians – they just make due with what they have when there are no boys around. The best part is they are happy to share their escapades with us.

Kate Playground in Tropical Wear

Kate Playground in tropical bikini

Today’s hot sexy galley comes form Kate’s Playground.

You have to love Kate from Kate’s Playground. She has always been a total sex pot. Kate is from frigid Canada and if I were in Canada and freezing to death I couldn’t think of a better person to keep me warm that Kate’s Playground. Her body is absolutely perfect and flawless. Kates Playground is all non-nude but she does show enough skin to totally get you sprung. I never get tired of looking at Kate even though she doesn’t show her bare breasts or naked ass

Gallery Link: Kate Playground in Beach Clothes.

Amy Reid Takes a Shower

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Jamie Hammer


Check out this great gallery of Amy Reid taking a shower after a spending all day at the beach. Damn doesn’t she have some nice big tits.
CHECK OUT BIKINI RIOT! To see more stunning pics of Amy Reid

Casey Parker – California Surf Girl

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Melissa Midwest

I got a new perfect babe for you guys and girls. Her name is Casey Parker and she is a real surfer girl from California. She has blond hair and her friends are fucking hot as you can see from the pic. She is absolutely perfect for this site and I will definitely be showing more of her. She doesn’t have that over made look of a glamor model. She looks looks just like a normal girl that you would bump into on the beach. Granted, a hot normal girl!!

I think Casey Parker should work for the Department of Tourism for the State of California because these pics will make you want to move or at least go on vacation if you don’t live there already. Warm sun, great weather, and surf girls – what else could you want? From what I can tell Casey loves sex and she is not afraid to show it. Other than surfing she likes to have sex and she sure isn’t shy about sharing it. According to Casey, “Sex isn’t something to be ashamed of and the more open we are about it the better.” Damn, What a girl. And from the galleries I’ve seen she likes sex with boys and girls and in every way imaginable.

I don’t like to show hardcore pics on surfcuties, but she does have a lot of hardcore in her site so I figured I could link to a hardcore gallery where she sucks cock, takes if from behind, and rides reverse cowgirl: Casey Parker Goes All the Way With Her Friend Josh Enjoy!!

Melissa Midwest Does Hardcore

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Melissa Midwest

I’ve got some BIG news – one of the favorite girls here at Surf Cutes has always been Melissa Midwest. Well, she has finally done a hardcore photo shoot. I can’t think of any other girl I’d enjoy fucking more than Melissa. Unfortunately, I don’t have free pics yet, but you can get see a few of them at her site. Check it out! There is a great pick with big cock in Melissa’s mouth. It’s a must see.

While I was surfing for Melissa Midwest Hardcore I found a blog with GREAT pick of Melissa. Definitely, check it out. The blog also has a great selection of Sexy Teens .

Sexy Beach Babe With No Beach

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Girl Climbs tree and shows pussy

Ok, I know there is no beach in this pic, but this girls is just hot and I had to post. I think if she were in a bikini on the beach she would be perfect. This babe is totally hot. A blond with a perfect body and a beautiful smile. It’s what we are on the lookout for at Surfcuties.

This is just one of the beautiful girls that can be found at Watch 4 Beautywhich is a truly amazing site. They go out of there way to find only the most perfect and flawless models. And yes, some are even on the beach. If you are looking for perfection, then you will not do much better than Watch 4 Beauty. It’s a great site and I give it two thumbs up.

Watch 4 Beauty updates their site daily with the most beautiful women you will find anyplace. Every week they put out a new erotic video and their videos are in HDV. The pictures are hi res with 50000 pixels per picture. They have over 90 of the worlds hottest models and an enormous archive. You will not be disappointed.

K8tie – Perfect Hard Body

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A brand new picture of K8tie. What the hell kind of name is K8tie anyhow? To tell you the truth, I really don’t care what her name is considering how hot this babe is. I just can’t get over how perfect her body is. I bet K8tie works out like twice a day seven days a week. K8tie is a fitness goddess. There is not an ounce of fat on this perfect babe’s body!!! And speaking of perfect check out her amazing fake tits. K8tie has some of the nicest fake tits ever made. Damn, I could stare at her perfect hard body all day.

Cute Orential Babe Luna Lani

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Jamie Hammer

How do you eat oriental pussy? No, not with chopsticks you idiot. You eat oriental pussy just like every other pussy.

I hope you enjoy this great pick I found of Luna Lani at Bikini Riot. Luna Lani is cute and sexy Orential Babe with creamy brown skin and a great smile. She had nice hand sized perky tits and one tight ass. I’ve noticed a lot of Orential Babes look are damn sexy – especially when they are stripped out of their Bikini. What I love about this picture is how she looks like she just dripped dry from a swim in the pool.

Buxom Beauty

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Blond Bombshell with huge tits

I was trying to think of the perfect word for this stunning beauty and Buxom came to mind. I went to the dictionary and looked up Buxom:

1. (of a woman) full-bosomed.
2. (of a woman) healthy, plump, cheerful, and lively.

I’m not sure if plump fits. but full-bosomed sure as hell does!! This girls is thick and healthy in a very good way. Can you just imagine seeing this Buxom Beauty on the beach? I’d have a fucking heart attack.!

Crissy Moran at Bikini Riot

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Crissy Moran

Does Crissy Moran have a perfect ass or what? I can never get enough of this babe.

Beautiful Blond Lifts Skirt

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Beautiful Blond lifts Skirt

Ok, this babe is just hot. This gallery comes from Watch 4 Beauty and is titled “Ambition”. Why the hell did they title it that? Does the model “Peach” have ambitions of doing hardcore? Maybe if you have ambition and get rich you can get a girl this hot?

You know what I really hate? I hate those tacky posters in offices that are supposed to be motivational and say stuff like “Success”, “Achievement”, or “Winners”. Posters like this. Personally, I’d much rather have a poster of a beautiful nude blond that says “Ambition” in my office. Much more motivational if you ask me.

La Zona Modelos Beautiful Latina in Bikini

Sexy Latina in Bikini

Today’s hot sexy galley comes form La Zona Modelos.

I don’t know where you are located, but where I’m at it’s freezing cold and there is snow on the ground. There is nothing better on cold February than to look at some steamy pics of hot Latina’s. I think this beautiful Bikini Babe fit’s that bill perfectly!

Gallery Link: Beautiful Latina With Perfect Body in Sexy Bikini from La Zona Modelos.

Kate Playground in Red Polka Dot Bikini

Kate Playground in red bikini

Today’s hot sexy galley comes form Kate’s Playground.

Kate opened her site Kate’s Playground several years ago as a teen solo girl site. Since then Kate has grown up, turned into one hot babe and become quite famous. “Kate Ground” has been featured in Playboy, Maximum, and other popular babe magazines. Around the net and in adult webmaster circles Kate’s Playground is a legend.

Kate has always done all her photo shots non-nude which is a total shame. Kate’s definition of non-nude is fairly liberal. Hell as revealing as most of her pictures are she might as well just be nude. Does she really think she is less of a slut by having a string cover up her pussy? You can see her pussy lips but that string is there! You can see her nipples but she has a top on – it’s just see through. My guess it’s just a marketing gimmick.

None the less, I still love Kate’s Playground. Kate has one hell of a body, great firm tits, and a very tight ass. If she wants to keep a string covering her pussy or wear see through tops that reveal her nipples to make her feel better then good for her.

Gallery Link: Kate Playground Gets Naughty in Red Polka Dot Bikini

Twisty’s Video Update – Carol Goldnerova

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Annette Dawn Video

Welcome my fellow hot babe lovers, for this weeks high quality video updates I present: Twistys’s Babe Carol Goldnerova Stripping Nude on Sun Patio

Ok this video of Carol from Twisty’s is just amazingly hot! I love the garters Carol is wearing in this video – they are just damn sexy. I’m going to imagine that Carol is getting ready to go to the beach in this video and that she is getting undressed to change into her bikini. While she is getting undressed she just happens to get a little distracted by her own hot body and starts playing with her big natural breasts and rubbing her hot juicy pussy. Carol is a beautiful blond babe and she looks fantastic in this video – watch if for yourself!

If you want to see the entire Carol Goldnerova video and hundreds of other sexy babes then head over to Twistys where you can download the entire movie and many others in much better quality than this sample.

Teen Dream Girl Naked on Beach

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nude teen dream model on topless beach

This stunning beach babe comes to us from Teen Dream. If I were walking along the beach and saw this beautiful beach babe I definitely think I was having a “Teen Dream”. Every time I post I think I’ve found the hottest babe gallery that exists, then I find a new one. There are so many beautiful beach babes in this world and so little time. One of the best places to find a large collection of beautiful babes that are completely naked is at Teen Dream.

Teen Dream has a huge collection of sexy beautiful babes. They have over 5,600 models and 1000 High Resolution videos. There is definitely a lot of eye candy to check out!

Gallery Link: Beautiful Beach Babe Completely Naked

Christine Vinson Poolside

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Christine Vinson

Whenever I go to the pool I always wear a life jacket just in case I see a site like this! This lovely pussy shot and pair of bare breasts belong to Christine Vinson. Christine is one of the drop dead bikini models at Bikini Riot. If you have been reading this blog you already know how much I love Bikini Riot. I check out the site every day because it is like going on a mini vacation. I can check out the hottest bikini babes and watch their videos that are filmed in warm sunny climates – it always makes my day.
Christine Vision in sexy blue bikiniChristine Vision taking off bikini bottomChristine Vision showing her round assPictues of Christine Vision's Nipples showing through bikiniChristine Vision looking very sexy

Mindy Vega in Blue Bikini

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Good day bikini babe lovers. I have another great update from Bikini Riot. This sexy hot picture is of Mindy Vega topless showing us her luscious big breasts. Mindy definitely has a very nice set of big tits. I like this picture because Mindy has this look on her face of, “I want to suck your cock”. I don’t know about you, but I love that look and I think Mindy Vega does it very well.

Make sure and check out Bikini Riot because they have a huge collection of Mindy Vega pictures and videos including many that are fully nude. The videos of Mindy are killer and sure to make your day!

Annette Dawn Video From Twistys

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Annette Dawn Video

Ok kids, for this weeks high quality video updates I present: Twistys’s Babe Annette Dawn Masturbating Outdoors

As is usual with the Twisty’s videos this is absolutely great! Annette Dawn is a deliciously hot babe with blond hair and an incredible body. In this clip we get a glimpse of Annette Dawn’s heavenly pussy close up. From what I can tell Annette did a great job shaving because he pussy looks completely bald. Don’t you just love a well shaved pussy?

If you want to see more of Annette Dawn or if you want to see her pussy worked over well with a vibrator then check out Twistys where you can download the entire movie and many others in much better quality than this sample.

Tylene Buck Topless

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Tylene Buck

Tylene Buck is one of the great bikini models at Bikini Riot! Tylene has a very hard athletic body and one hell of a set of fake tits. Tylene Buck is quite famous bikini model and she is in many bikini calendars and on many sites. Bikini Riot probably has the largest collection of Tylene Buck photos and videos that you can find. They also have many other great bikini super models and enough content to keep you happy for a long time!

Brea Lynn – Penthouse Pet

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Penthouse Pet Brea Lynn

So I was surfing looking for biking babes and beach babes to update the site with and I stumbled across this absolutely great gallery of Brea Lynn.

Now I know that Brea Lynn here is not in a bikini, nor is she at the beach, nor is she near water or a pool. But you know what? I dont’ care. Brea Lynn is so hot in this gallery that we can skip the bikini beach theme for her. In fact, I may have to add a category “Babes not at the beach”. I don’t want to pass over a perfect babe just because she is not at the beach! We will just have to imagine Brea on the beach and I’m sure if she were in a bikini on the beach she would be absolutely stunning.

Check out the huge tits on Brea Lynn! Are those knockers not enormous? I wonder how much she had to pay for those? She must of had one of the best plastic surgeons in Hollywood to get huge tits that are that perfect. When you finish checking out those huge tits, check out the rest of her flawless body. The only way to describe Brea Lynn’s body is “FUCKING INCREDIBLE!” Whoever is fucking this Penthouse Pet is one lucky man.

Blond Bombshell Kathy Ash

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Sexy Kathy AshSexy Planet Summer

Hello guys and girls, I have a brand new girl today: Kathy Ash

When someone says “Blond Bombshell” this is exactly what comes to my mind: A gorgeous, full bodied, natural blond, crawling in the sand just like the these pictures of Kathy Ash. I was surfing the net looking for sexy babes to update the site with and when I came across this gallery of Kathy Ash I knew I had a winner!

If I were stranded on a island and I came upon a blond bombshell Like Kathy Ash crawling in the sand I think I’d be the happiest man alive. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be rescued. If they came looking for me I’d take my blond bombshell Kathy Ash and hide till the rescue crew left!

Kathy Ash is really an exquisite young model. Looking at these pics and all the others I saw on her site I can tell you that she has a great body (you should see how she fills out a pair of jeans)! Kathy Ash doesn’t have that too skinny look that many models have. She has some meat on her bonds that give her some great curves, but she is far, far, from being overweight. Kathy’s tits are full and natural and her blond hair is all natural as well. All in all, Kathy Ash makes a perfect blond bomshell.

Gallery Link:Beautiful Blond Kathy Ash in Red Polka Dot Bikini

Melissa Midwest Completely Naked

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Melissa Midwest

Time for an update of one of my most favorite girls: Melissa Midwest

Melissa Midwest is the perfect home town hottie. She has an incredible body with prefect tits – and Melissa Midwest loves to show off her tits! She also loves to show off the rest of her body including her pussy. I check out the Melissa Midwest site every day because I’m so in love with this girl. Ther is not much that Melissa will not do on camera camera. She always gets completely naked with her friends and Melissa Midwest has some hot friends. She also likes to kiss and make out with her friends.

The best think about the Melissa Midwest site is the great live cam shows she has for her members. She loves to strip and do what ever it takes to please her surfers. She will not disappoint you. If you want Melissa to play with toys just let her know! Other than Melissa’s great cam shows, she is constantly adding new pictures and videos every week. There is enough great naked content on the Melissa Midwest site to keep you busy for a long time. Melissa Midwest get’s two thumbs up from Surfcuties!.

Gallery Link: Melissa Midwest Completely Naked Sunning at the Pool

Penthouse Pet Hayden Miller

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Good day guys and girls. For todays update I though I’d post a few pics of Penthouse Pet: Hayden Miller

Penthouse presents thousands of high quality and exclusive photo sets which have been collected over the last 30 years of the magazine’s history! Get more never-before-seen pictures, many too hot to be printed, of over 330 Pets plus countless photos of our Penthouse models, all enjoying the wildest and hottest sex and pleasures you’ve never even dreamed of before!

Sexy Planet Summer

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Sexy Planet SummerSexy Planet Summer

Hello guys and girls, I have a brand new girl today: Planet Summer

Planet Summer is having a great time washing her truck. I think there is something really hot about a sexy girl with a truck. While Planet Summer is washing her truck it looks like she decided to start soaping up her sexy tits. Summer really has a great set of tits for a little girl.

I just discovered Planet Summer’s website and had to check it out and I was quite impressed. Planet Summer is quite a sexy little girl. She has great tits and sexy thin body. Did I mention that Planet Summer is blond? Yep, she definitely has blond hair and I bet she has blond pubic hairs as well.

If Planet Summer turns you on, make sure and check out her site. I give it two thumbs up.

Gallery Link:Sexy Planet Summer’s Soapy Tits

Cassia Riley Video from Twistys

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Cassia Riley

Ok guys and girls to continue with the Hi Quality video updates I present: Cassia Riley. I hope you have a good brodband connection and some lube and tissue close by because you will need it! If you haven’t seen Cassia Riley before you will LOVE this video. Cassia Riley has an absolutely phenomenal body! She is a gorgeous brunette with stunning tits, luscious legs, and an ass that is to die for! One of the things I love about Cassia Riley is her very sexy voice. Listen to the video where she says, “Do you want to see me get nude.” That voice just makes me melt! I love this girl.

I’m going to try and add a new video from Twistys each week – so make sure and visit Surfcuties on a regular basis to catch the new videos. Ok, enough talking – watch the free video Twisty’s Babe Cassia Riley Stripping Nude

Melissa Midwest Topless in Pool

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Another update with one of my favorite girls: Melissa Midwest..

Melissa Midwest always seems to be loosing her top! I don’t know about you, but I love looking at Melissa Midwest’s nice round tits any chance I can get. Melissa does have some very fine tits! This gallery shows her and her friend swimming and then of course their bikini’s come off. As nice as these pics are, they are kind of a tease – The ones in the Melissa Midwest site get much more explicit – and Melissa Midwest has no problems showing it all. Her web cam shows are my favorite and she puts them on on a regular basis.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Melissa Midwest is probably the hottest chick in all of Nebraska and possibly all of the Midwest. And lucky for us Melissa enjoys sharing her beauty.

Sexy Blond Naked on the Beach

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Nude Beauty Laying on Sand

Good day guys and gals. For today’s update I have a gallery of a blond girl stripping off her bikini and rolling around in the sand. I don’t know about you but I love seeing naked girls in the sand. This gallery comes from Watch4beauty which has a lot of beautiful and exotic models.

Gallery Link: Sexy Blond Strips off Clothes on Beach

Akira Lane Topless

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Akira Lane

A brand new bikini babe for you today: Akira Lane.

This photo of Akira Lane comes from Bikini Riot which is the nets number one place to find all the top bikini models. Akira Lane is a beautiful oriental model with large round tits and a dark rich tan. I don’t know about you but I love sexy asians girls – especially when they are in a bikini and showing their bare big tits. If you think Akiria Lane is as hot as I do, then I recommend checking out Bikini Riot where they have a lot more Akira Lane pics and videos. You won’t be disappointed!

K8tie Taking off Red Bikini

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beautiful bikini babe

Ok it’s been a while since I posted about my favorite girl K8tie. The more I see of K8tie the more I love this beautiful babe. I have to check out her website every day (K8tie) and check for updates. This girl is perfect in every sense. She has big round firm boobs that you just want to grab and play with all day long. K8tie has an athletic body that is unmatched by any biking babe – her stomach is tight and hard, her legs are luscious, and she has the most beautiful face. I can imagine that K8tie puts in many hours in the gym to keep her tight body in perfect shape. There is not much much you could ask for. If you think K8tie is as hot as I do then check out her site because there are a lot more pictures and videos of her.

Gallery link: Beautiful K8tie taking off her red bikini

Sexy Latina from La Zona Modelos

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latina in bikinisexy latina

There is nothing like a sexy latina to warm things up. As it gets closer to winter I find that I really enjoy looking at beautiful latinas more and more. There is something about there personalities and warm smiles that just make me forget about the cold days.

This beautiful latina comes from a new site I just found: La Zona Modelos. La Zona has a large collection of extremely hot latinas. The girls are not professional, models just regular girls from South America. La Zona is a non-nude site, so if you are looking for full nudity this might not be the the site for you. However, if you want to see an incredible assortment of beautiful armature latinas that have warm smiles that will make you melt then you will love La Zona Modelos. The site is updated weekly along with new photos and videos. The La Zona team definitely works hard trying to bring you the best latin girls they can find. All photos shot exclusively on location in South America.

Gallery Link:Beautiful Latina in Skimpy Bikini

Bikini Model Brook

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This gallery comes from Bikini Babes TV and features a stunning bikini model named Brook. Brook has sandy blond hair and a very cute face – just what we look for here at SurfCuties. Like most bikini models, brook has a very dark tan and a very firm body. Her stomach is so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it. The rest of her body speaks for itself: great firm tits, a tight round ass, and legs that you just want to lick up and down. If fairly sure I saw Brook in Sport Illustrated’s Swim Suit Issue. Or maybe it was Playboy – I’m not sure. But this sexy model can probably get in any glamor mag she wants. I think the pics of her at Bikini Babes TV are the best ones I’ve seen on the net. Enjoy the free pictures.

Zdenka – Topless

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I hope you guys and girls are having a good weekend. For today’s update I have a great pictures of Zdenka topless wearing nothing but a thong. Just look at Zdenka’s lucious big breasts. Those are some perfect breasts! Wouldn’t you love to bury your face in those knockers? Well if you think Zdenka is hot you should check out Bikini Riot because they have a large collection of Zdenka pics and vids. I just got done check out the entire set of Zdenka pics at Bikini Riot and Zdenka takes off a lot more than just her top – if you think she looks good topless you will love her complete naked. I almost passed out when she strips out of her thong in the video!

Big Wet Tits

Naughty Ally

I’ve got a special treat for you to day! This gallery is an exclusive shoot featuring Naughty Ally and Raven Riley. Talk about a bevy of Big Boobs! It doesn’t get any better. If you are thinking about joining any site I would definitely recommend Naughty Ally. Naughty Ally has a set of Boobs that are unrivaled in the biz. Her girl friends are all hot. And boy does she get Naughty. Naughty Ally is no stranger to good old fashion fucking. I could go on and on about how much I love this site: great movies, tons of pictues, beautiful women, and lots of action. Take the free tour of Naughty Ally – I promise you won’t be disapointed

Melissa Midwest Swiming Naked

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Melissa Midwest

Ah, Melissa Midwest one of my favorite girls! The only think missing from this picture of Melissa swimming nude is me next to her. As it’s getting colder her I love to look at pictures of sunshine, beaches, and girls with rich tans. Melissa Midwest always brightens up my day. To tell you the truth I check out her site ever day because she really makes me happy. She is always smiling and having a good time. She is a blast on her live web chats and she is just cool to talk with. If you haven’t done so yet, do yourself a favor and check out the Melissa Midwest site. You will be glad you did.

Penthouse Playmate – Liz Harvey

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Good evening guys and girls, I’ve got a special treat from Penthouse. There is nothing like a Penthouse Pet to make your day a little better. This particular pet is named Liz Harvey and she definitely has a rocking body. I don’t think Penthouse has ever been known to photograph an ugly girl and Liz is no exception. I love the sexy dress she is wearing and how great she looks in her thong when it comes off. I was looking through the penthouse website and I was quite impressed with all the beautiful babes they have so I’ve decided that each month I’ll try and grab some free pics of the latest Penthouse Pet.

Crissy Moran Tiger Bikini

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Crissy Moran

Good day guys and gals. I’ve got a great new pic for you Crissy Moran Fans. You know they just don’t make all girls like Crissy Moran – she is a special bread. Crissy Moran has has the perfect body for a bikini. Hell, she has the perfect body for any item of clothing. If you get off on Crissy Moran like I do, please check out Bikini Riot. They have the largest collection of Crissy Moran photos and videos I’ve ever seen. The pics and videos are all great high-res shots. If you want to treat yourself, stock up on lube and head over to Bikini Riot and start downloading all the great shots of Crissy Moran.

Big Tits – Huge Tits – Large Tits

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Amy Ried

Rita G defiantly has Big Tits. If you are a Big Tit, Huge Tit, or Large Tit man this picture is for you. If you like Rita G and tits do yourself a favor and check out Bikini Riot. All their girls have big tits. There are enough boobs at bikini riot to keep you busy for a long, long time. There are also many high quality videos of beautiful babes with big tits and they all just love to take off their bikinis and show their stuff for the camera.

Blond with Big Tits at Pool

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This gallery if for you guys that love young blonds with nice big tits! Would you like to lick those big firm tits? Rub your hands down that firm belly? I sure would and I wouldn’t stop there. I’d keep going till this babe had her bikini bottoms pulled off and was begging for a little attention between her legs. I’m sorry this beauty isn’t at the beach, but I figured a pool would be close enough. This gallery comes from Bikini Babes TV which is a very good site for finding smoking hot babes just like this topless blond.

Sanja Matice Topess

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Sanja Matice

Wouldn’t you like to have a nice vacation on this beach with this babe? I shure would! Sanja Matice is crazy gorgeous. And The pictures of her fully nude are even better! For me, Bikini Riot is like a little vacation I take every day. I love to long into their site and find a new hottie every day. The the perfect way to take a break and forget about everything for a while. Do yourself a favor and check out Bikini Riot – it’s a great price for a little pleasure and mini vacation every day.

Melissa Midwest Taking off Her Top

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Melissa Midwest

Isn’t Melissa Midwest a total hottie? The more I see of her the more I like her. Melissa Midwest is just a fun girl. Her site is great and she really gives her members their moneys worth. She has regular live chat sessions. She gets very Naughty and often plays with her very hot friends. But the best thing about Melissa Midwest is she is very personable. It’s not hard to get to know her. She gives out her personal IM name and email and will talk with you. She is not some stuck up girl who thinks she is better than everyone. Melissa Midwest is also very fucking sexy. She has such a cute smile, beautiful face, and then one hell of a sexy body. I know you are looking at this picture thinking – I want to see her tits. Well, in her site you get to see a lot of her tits and everything else. Melissa Midwest is not camera shy – she is just a hard working girl that does her best to keep her surfers happy.

K8tie The Ultimate Beauty

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Ok, I’m getting a lot closer with K8tie. She let’s me take lots of pictures of her for my site, but I don’t have my mile time down to under 6 minutes yet, so no sex and no fooling around for me. Anyhow, K8tie has to be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen – and that is saying a lot because I sure do see my share of sexy babes. K8tie has curves in places that most girls don’t even have curves. Her body is sculpted like an Olympic Athlete, her tits are marvelous! Check out that flat stomach she has. Just look at her beautiful eyes. I’m in love with K8tie. She has everything I cold possible want in a hot babe: perfect fake tits, a beautiful face, and a rock hard body. I can’t wait to explore her pussy – I’m sure it is out of this world.

Crissy Moran in Bikini

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Crissy Moran

How can you not like Chrissy Moran? She has to be the perfect Bikini Babe! I can’t think of a better site to find pictures of her than Bikini Riot. They have literally HUNDREDS of shots of her. Bikini Riot is a great site to see the hottest babes in and out of their Bikinis – I recommend it.

Naughty Ally and Raven Riley

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Naughty Ally

I’ve got a special treat for you to day! This gallery is an exclusive shoot featuring Naughty Ally and Raven Riley. Talk about a bevy of beautiful babes! It doesn’t get any better. If you are thinking about joining any site I would definitely recommend Naughty Ally. Naughty Ally has a set of tits that are unrivaled in the biz. Her girl friends are all hot. And boy does she get Naughty. Naughty Ally is no stranger to good old fashion fucking. I could go on and on about how much I love this site: great movies, tons of pictues, beautiful women, and lots of action. Take the free tour of Naughty Ally – I promise you won’t be disapointed

Monica Sweethart

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Monica Sweethart<img id=

Monica Sweethart is another of the sexy girls that can be found at Bikini Riot Is that not a sexy stomach? Wouldn’t you just love to see Monica Sweethart take those bikini bottoms off? Well if you join Bikini Riot that is exactly what you do get to see — and a whole lot more! The site is updated on a regular basis, there is a ton of great content, and probably the largest collection of the hottest bikini models of any single site.

Amy Ried In Bikini

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Amy Ried

Amy Ried is one of the hottest new girls. She has flawless body, perfect tits, and one hell of a tight ass. If you think this is a hot pic do yourself a quick favor and check out Bikini Riot This site has nothing but the hottest photos and videos of sexy bikini models. The site is updated on a regular basis, there is a ton of content, and probably the largest collection of the hottest bikini models anywhere on the net.

Krista Gets Horny For the Camera

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Ok guys, I haven’t posted in a while but I’m back in the game! I decided to mix up my normal places for finding girls and try something totally different. I decided to enroll in a psychology class at the local community college – there are always lots of hot dumb babes taking psychology 101 right? Well, on the first day of class I met Krista. I stuck up a conversation and asked her out for lunch. During lunch we started talking about sex and sexual fantasies. Isn’t if funny how conversations always turn to sex talk? Well, Krista told me her fantasy was to strip naked and be photographed for a web site. She said the idea of being naked in front of so many people really made her wet. Good thing I just happen to have a web site and a camera! Well, I told Krista what I could do and 2 hours later we were at her place taking nude pictures. And let me tell you, she really got worked up. Her pussy got totally wet and by the time we were done with the shoot she was really looking to fuck. She grabbed my cock and I was rock hard! I dropped my jeans and she started sucking my dick. I reached down and grabbed he pussy and felt her wet pussy lips. I grabbed her nice round tits. We fucked on the sofa for a good 20 minutes and then she said she wanted to be bent over and fucked from behind. Well, I couldn’t argue with that. It was absolutely great seeing her perfect ass from behind. Just another great day…

Getting Closer with K8tie!

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So I went back to the gym and found my new girl K8tie! She was working out and looking so hot and sexy. The sweat was glistening on her perfect fake tits and her tight perfect body just had that workout glow. I approached her as explained that I run the popular website SurfCuties and that I would love to get some pictures of her for the site. She agreed to come over to my place for a shoot.

Let me tell you the entire time I was shooting the pictures I had the biggest hard-on. I kept gazing in amazement at her perfect body, beautiful round tits, flat stomach, and an ass that is out of this world. When we finished the shoot she told me she had a rule about fucking guys. I hate it when they have rules and this was the most fucked up rule I’ve ever heard. She said she only fucks guys that can run a mile faster than her. Then she said she can run a mile in 6 minutes flat. Shit – I’m going to have to hit the track! But I thought fast and said, what about just a blow job? She smiled and said, “Sorry”. So it looks like I’m going to have to really work to fuck this beauty.

Shay Fucked Me Like a Wild Cowgirl

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It’s been slow today, so I decided to use my uncles pool again to find some hot babe to get some pictures for you guys. I called around and my friend Shay said she would be up for hanging out at the pool. And from my previous experiences with Shay she has never had a problem getting naked and she is always horny – she is quite the nympho. When she arrived I didn’t even have to ask her to get nude for some pics she just started taking her clothes off and then she told me to get my camera! Let me tell you she has some incredible tits. He boobs are huge and beautiful. There is something about a camera that makes girls horny and frisky. I didn’t get many pics taken before she put her big tits in my face and said, “I want you cock in my mouth!”. I was happy to oblige. She sucked my cock like a fucking shop vac and got me rock hard. Then she peeled off her bottoms and mounted my cock. She rode my cock like a cowgirl on speed. She was screaming and and yelling, “I love your cock in my pussy”. She must of had about 4 orgasms before I blew my lode in her wet pussy. Just another fine day!

The Most Beautiful Girl I’ve Ever Seen

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So I was working out at the gym yesterday and I saw the most fucking incredible hot babe. I’ve checked out every single beautiful girl in the gym, but I had never seen this girl. She must of be new. She was on the Stair Master and I watched her for at least 30 minutes. She has the most incredible fake tits I’ve ever seen. If I could meet her plastic surgeon I’d shake his hand. Her body is just unbelievably hot and she has the most sexy face and charming brown eyes. I just couldn’t get over how incredible her firm body was.

Her stomach was rock hard (almost as hard as my cock was getting) and her legs were luscious. I would have licked the sweat off her body right in the gym if I didn’t think I would get arrested. I’m going to have to come up with a good plan to meet this most beautiful girl. If I can just see her strip out of her clothes and fuck her most tight pussy I will die a happy man. I now have a new mission in life: figure out who this stunning girl is, get her naked, and fuck the shit out of her. That’s not too much to ask.

Wild Party with Tons of Babes in Bikinis

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beach party

My frind Mike throws the most crazy parties and he always manages to get tons of horny babes to show up. He usualy gets about 10 kegs and he has a kicking house an pool. Any time you have a bunch of horn babes in bikinis and beer you know it’s not going to be long befere those babes are all topless. A few more beers and the girs are stripping out of their bikni bottoms – happens every time. Well, lucky for you guys I took my camera to get a bunch of pictures so you could see all the sweet honeys getting naked. I think you will really like these pictues! Enjoy yourself.

Rock Climbing and Fucking

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So I get a call real early this morning from this crazy babe. She is really into adventure sports and loves to try and out do men – and she has one tight fucking body. Anyhow, she calls so early she wakes me up to remind me that we were supposed to go rock climbing today. It totally slipped my mind, probably because I had been shagging so much pussy lately that I can’t think straight. She asked me if I was going to pussy out or show up. Of, course I’m not gonna be a pussy. So I throw on some clothes, make some coffee, grab the camera and head out. Of course this girls idea of rock climbing clothes just happens to be a string bikini. While she is climbing I have a great opportunity to snap some pics. And damn does she have some great knockers, this is one luscious babe. Her ass, which I had a perfect view of is marvelously thick – not too big, not too skinny, and it had great muscle definition. I really, didn’t feel like climbing rocks so I tried to cop an excuse. She called me a pussy and said if I was able to climb up to the top of the plateau that she would do a strip show for me. I wasn’t falling for that! I replied, “A strip show would be great and I’d love to see you take off the bikini, but you are gonna have to offer up a little more if you want me to overcome my fear of heights. If you want me to do something that crazy you have to let me lick your tits, rub your pussy, smack your ass, and anything else I feel like doing. And I might need a good cock sucking. I figured this would get me out of it, but she said, “That is what I had planed after the strip show”. Damn, I should have held out for more – like anal sex. Oh well, I didn’t have any lube. Some good old dirty fucking sounded good so I turned into quite the mountain goat and climbed right up that fucking rock!

Nude Beach House


Man what a great day already. I left the house early with my camera in had and headed straight for the beach looking for hotties. This is a bitch of a job I have. Almost every day I search for the finest babes just for you guys, because keeping my surfers happy is always my first priority. Well today I deviate from my normal path and I glad that I did. I walked for about a mile and a half and saw quite a few sexy honeys. Lots of the usual, girls with great tits, girls with firm breasts, girls with great tans, but I was on the hunt for fantastic babes, nothing less would do! Effort and hard work usually pay off and this time it was no exception: I found three sweet babes totally toplessall they had on were their bikini bottoms. Two blonds and one brunette and they all had firm beautiful tits, tight tan bodies, and fucking perfect butts. YUMMY! I start snapping shots and the loved the attention – as all horny beach babes do. They must of noticed that I was dying of thirst, because they invited me to their beach house for some lemonade. In the back of my mind I’m thinking a three-way would sure hit the spot about now.

We sit down on these beach chairs and the gorgeous blond number one hand me my glass of lemonade. Then she ask me If I wouldn’t mind putting sun tan lotion on her. “I’d love to oil down your hard body”, I replied. I started rubbing the oil on her shoulders and down her back and arms. Her bottoms were so skimpy that I was able to run my hands completely all over her ass. By this time I’m totally getting stiff. The sexy brunette reached up to the table and grabbed something and I realized it was a little pocket rocket! She turns it on and slips her hand down her thong and then looks at me and smiles. The blond I was oiling up turned over and asked me to make sure that her tits were well covered with oil! I dribbled oil right on her nipples and then started rubbing it in with both hands and I noticed her nipples were getting hard and she started moaning very quietly. In the background I could hear the buzzing of blond number one’s vibrator. Oh man – I’m totally wondering how this will turn out when blond number two stands up and pulls off her bikini bottom. The she walks right over and grabs my cock and says, “Wow – you are might hard. Can you handle all thee of us?” I said – no problem.

Penthouse Kimberly Rodgers

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Well, my cock is still quite sore from this weekends sex orgy. All that sucking and fucking really wore me out. But I didn’t want to let you guys down and not post any free pics for you today. I’m always working hard for you guys. Well, this is what I did, I called up Kimberly Rodgers and flat out told her that I needed some great nude pics for my site and that I was in no shape for hanky panky. She agree to let me come over and snap a few pics, but she didn’t really believe I had no desire to fuck her. While I was taking the pics she did everything she could to get me excited. Like she could posibly get me excited while the thoughts of all the young sorority girls were still fresh in my mind – ha. Kimberly tried her best though. I’ll give her credit! She put her firm tits in my face then slowly striped off her bikini top and stradeled my lap. She grabed my hands and puled them up her firm stumach and up to her tits. Then she started grinding herself in my lap. Nope, didn’t do any good. Then she stood up and turned aound so that her backside was facing me. She slowly bent over so that her ass cheeks were right in my face. Then she pressed her ass and pussy right into my mouth. Nope didn’t do any good. Then she stood up and started bitching – “am I getting fat… am I getting too old… are my tits not perfect… is my ass not tight enough… does my pussy smell?” My God I did not feel like dealing with female insecurities so I just made up some story about my doctor prescribing an alergy medicine that completely killed my sex drive. That seemed to make her feel better.

Bla, bla, bla

Beach Volleyball and Nude Orgy

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The crazy shit I get myself into! This week has been nothing but wild and crazy girls. So on Friday evening I headed out to the beach with my camera to snap some pictures for you guys – I’m always thinking about you. I stumbled upon a group of real cute babes playing beach volleyball. Turns out to be a local sorority and you know sorority girls love to suck cock, fuck, and lick pussy. And from the looks of this group I could tell there would be a lot of pussy licking later in the evening. I do what I always do: introduce myself and explain that I run the popular website Surf Cuties. As usual, they were impressed. As the sun started to go down we all started playing a game of spin the bottle. There was 15 sexy girls and one guy – ME! I won the pussy lottery is what I did. The spin the bottle game started off well – lots of girls kissing girls and lots of girls taking their tops off. No man on earth would need Viagra when an entire group of young cute babes are taking their clothes off. I was hard as a rock! Well, it didn’t take much longer for the bottle to get lost and for the bottoms to come off. Now I’ve had a few group sex experiences before, but nothing like this. 15 girls and only one guy – ME. Did I tell you that there were 15 girls and only one guy? This has to be some kind of beach orgy record! I never licked so much pussy, sucked on so many tits, and stuck my dick into so much pussy in one evening! I might have to take a break tomorrow.

Fucked in the Woods

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You won’t believe they day I had yesterday! I had a lunch date set with my new girl friend the dick tease and the bitch stood me up. I was kind of in a glum mood and felt that I needed to take a little walk to clear my head. There is a great state park near by and I set out for a 3 mile hike. About half way into the hike this blond bombshell in complete beach attire pops out of no where. What fucking luck I have! I strike up a conversation with this babe by asking, “what is a beautiful beach babe like you doing out in the woods wearing nothing but a bikini?” She looked at me, smiled and spoke the most beautiful words, “do you want to fuck my brains out or not?” Of course I had my camera because I’m always thinking about you guy.

Eve Angle Jumped my Bones

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So I’ve got this Uncle who is completely loaded. He has this amazing pool and I just happen to have a key to his house. He’s normally at work during the day, so I though I’d have a little fun and get some new free pictures for you guys. I’m still a little worked up an horny after my dick tease innocent with my new girl friend and I’ve got two more days till our second date. So, I’m thinking I could use a little game of hide the sausage. The pool comes in handy for this.

I pick up my cell phone, and start calling my list of hot babes. It seems most are out getting a tan at the nude beach or having their pussy waxed because I had to call at least ten gorgeous babes before I hit the jack pot: Eve Angel, home alone! So she agrees to meet me at my uncles pad with a swimsuit. She was a little shy at first and didn’t want to take off her clothes, but I told her that that Surf Cuties needed some new pics. That is all it took for the clothes to come off – these model babes are such attention sluts. And once Eve Angel had her clothes off her hormones must of kicked in. I was only able to get in a few pictures before she jumped my bones. Eve Angel is an Evil Angle!

My New Girl Friend

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So I’m walking a long the beach and I see this fine bikini babe. Total luscious babe. She has on a brown bikini that shows her firm stomach and fine round tits. Well, I walk right up to her and say, “Hi, I the guy that runs SurfCuties.com” She is impressed! She asks me to post some free pictures of her on the site and of course I have my camera handy – I’m always thinking of you guys. Then 15 minutes later she is back at my place. We have a couple of cold beers and next thing you know she is giving me a blow job. Must be my lucky day. I take off her bikini top because I’m dying to see those firm tits in my face. She is standing there topless and I stare a her boobs for about 5 minutes. She most definitely has a night job a striper because she is putting on those stripper moves and grinding herself in my lap. I can’t take it any longer and I reach to take off her bikini bottoms because I’m dying to she if she has a totally shaved pussy or not. She stops me and says, “I don’t fuck on the first date”. I replied, “I only want to see if you have a bald beaver.” She thanks me for the beer and tells me that I’ll have to wait to find out. What a fucking tease. Well, let’s hope she puts out on the 2nd date and doesn’t make me wait till the 3rd.

Veronica Zemanova Wants my Cock

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So last night the phone rings and it’s Veronica Zemanova calling me again. She starts talking dirty as usual and begging me to come over, “If you come over here I’ll suck your cock and you can run your hands all over my firm body and feel my wet pussy. My pussy is really wet and I really want to suck your cock. You can grab my firm tits and and fuck my wet pussy. I promise I’ll give you the best cock sucking blow job you have ever had if you just come over her. I want you to bend me over and grab my hair and fuck me from behind. My pussy is so wet.” This went on for a good 15 minutes, but I had to tell her that I really needed to update my website and post some new free pictures. I know you guys are counting on me.

So I finally got her off the phone and started working on my site and she starts instant messing me: “Guess what I’m wearing? Guess how wet my pussy is? Guess what I’d like you to do with your cock? If you come over here I’ll let you fuck me any way you want…” This dirty sex talk was really distracting so I had to finally just shut down my instant messenger. The things I do to provide you guys with great free pics and videos. I even found some bonus galleries and the bio of Veronica Zemanova just for you

Gorgeous Athletic Babe from Swank

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Now check out this athletic babe. She has that look like she could run a marathon and then fuck your brains out. This girl would fuck you like a sex machine. And if you go check out SwankMag and watch her videos you will know exactly what I’m talking about! I’m a big fan of Swank Magazine, they have ultra hot girls that get fairly naughty. Swank uses enough hardcore to make things hot without crossing that “yuck” line. You won’t find crap like three dicks in one ugly chick at Swank. If you are like me and prefer checking out the hot babes that get a little kinky rather than looking at a screen full of hairy balls then Swank is your site. They have the hottest babes on the planet and literally 1000s of exclusive hi-quality movies and pictures.

Fucking Perfect Ass

I’ve got a fine treat today for you butt lovers. If you like to see a great ass close up in extreme detail then you are going to LOVE these free ass pics. If that isn’t a nice perfect ass I don’t know what is. Look at that fine piece of tail – it’s a work of art. If Michelangelo had seen this tight butt he would never have sculpted David! These pictues come from a great site called In the Crack. If you like close up photos and videos that that have amazing detail and girls that are a work of art then you really need to check out the tour and look as some of the other free pics they have.

Topless in Public

blonde bikini babe
Check out the topless babe sunbathing on the beach. The second thing I thought is that I need to get myself a video cam with high powered zoom. The fist thing I thought is the same thing you are thinking: damn I’d love to wax that fine ass! Check out that micro mini thong bikini, that thing is so skimpy she might as well just take it off. I wonder what she payed for what amounts to a few threads? Probably way too fucking much. Someone needs to tell her that she would save a lot of cash by just going to the fully nude beach.

Busty Brunette Pornstar

Thick and luscious that’s how I’d describe this beach honey . I don’t think Lanny Barby knows how to spell her own name. Her “official” website is Lannibarbie.com, seemingly indicating that Lanni Barbie would be the preferred spelling. However, on the website’s opening page her name is written twice in relatively large and fancy text that her name is Lanny Barby, while further down the same webpage she is also referred to as Lanny Barby, as well as Lanny Barbie. But guess what? I’m not posting these pictures because of her because her intelligence!

Exotic Young Teen

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Nina is most definitely an exotic teen. I bet this sexy young thing ends up on the cover of Maxim on day. If not Maximum I hope she ends up as a naked Playboy Playmate. I’m not buying the virgin stick, but that’s just fine. Keep up the good work Nina, we hope to see more of you here.

Seductive Bikini Model

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Now this is a surf cutie! Don’t you love it when those little strings on micro bikinis just happen to come undone? I can’t think of many things in life I’d rather look at than a firm tan bikini model. I can smell the suntan lotion through my computer. Tracy from Bikini-Babes.tv is the dictionary definition of a seductive babe.

There are so many steaming hot bikini babes on this site that it is a real chore to pick just one. The photos and videos are of such high quality you can see individual grains of sand sticking to ass cheeks. This website is most definitely worth the price of admission. Don’t’ take my word on it – check out the free tour and see for yourself what members get for joining. I’m telling you, you will not be disappointed! Enjoy the pictures.

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